Gearing Up For The New York International Auto Show

As it opened its doors to the press this past Wednesday and Thursday, a number of new autos have already stolen the spotlight at the New York International Auto Show. Before the public has so much as stepped foot into the Javits Center for this year’s annual showcase, it already clear which cars are the ones to see.

Even for the average buyer in search of a new midsized sedan or sports car, the show has some exciting debuts to offer and the media is paying extra special attention to a few familiar models with a whole new look.

From Common To Charismatic
If you look too the average parking lot, roadway, or suburban block, it’s probably not hard to find at least several Honda Civics. The car has become one of the most common and innocuous compact cars on the market today. High among the nation’s best selling cars, it’s recognized as reliable and affordable but hardly a showstopper.

Unless, of course, you were at the Javits center to see it on Wednesday. In its 10th-generation, the Civic is a lot sportier, sleeker, and more charismatic than any of its predecessors. The concept car, featured in vivid and apropos lime green, closely reflects the mass-market model set to go on sale in the fall.

Many are asking if and when a hybrid version will be available. Honda has not yet confirmed any plans for a green version of the compact, but that change along with its sporty new look could give competitor EVs and hybrids a serious run for their money.


Competing For Sporty Tastes And Limited Budgets
Honda isn’t the own Japanese carmaker getting some sporty cred at this year’s show. Nissan and Toyota have both unveiled some flashy new speed machines. Nissan’s new GT-R Nismo not only looks built for speed with its 600hp engine, it features a carbon fiber body, which amounts to considerably lighter version of the standard GT-R.

Toyota’s Scion iM, iA could compete for potential Civic buyers as a very low-cost and efficient hatchback. It’s economy and functionality makes it perfect for today’s college and younger working crowd. Toyota also unveiled its Mirai, which is already making top tech car lists as a hydrogen fuel car designed for the average buyer and California’s new fuel infrastructure.

NY Auto Show

Luxury Automakers Topping The Lot
If you’re looking for something a big more luxurious, then there’s still plenty to see. Cadillac’s CT6, Lexus’ RX, Jaguar’s XF, and Porche’s Boxter Spyder have all been listed high among the top cars at the show. This year, it seems like everyone is taking note of updated and sportier looks, new and lighter materials, better tech integration, and leaner, greener, greatly enhanced efficiency.

What big unveilings have you been most excited about? Will you be attending this year’s show?

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I like the new look of this concept Honda Civic. If and when this comes to the consumer market, and if it is as affordable as the Civic brand has been in the past, then I just may consider buying one. I just hope that Honda competes with Ford as far as making features standard. I’m referring to features that in the past were considered bells and whistles.


I like going to the annual auto show that takes place in Miami, South Florida. Other times of the year, I also enjoy watching TV coverage from all of the other major auto shows like the one from Chicago and New York. I’m not quite sure if Los Angeles has an auto show, though I’m sure they do because it is a major market in a major city. Cable channels on the East coast don’t tend to televise West coast programming.


This new sporty Honda Civic is begging to look like a Scion style car. I guess those cars are selling very well to their demographic of younger people who like sportier custom cars. I hope it comes with a lot of standard features. I would hate to have to be upsold on all kinds of features just to get the car to be comfortable.


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