Will These Big Updates Mean A Better NYC Subway Ride?

The NYC subway system is a staple of the city. Since its opening in the early 1900s, from public adoption in 1950s, to today, it’s been a living part of New York City’s history and it plays an important role in its vibrancy.

However, if you’ve ever had to deal with delays, crowded cars, and other less-than-pleasant experiences with this particular mode of public transportation, it’s easy to forget about its merits.

New York City subway riders may begin to appreciate the subway again, provided some new updates and amenities go through as planned. How is the MTA hoping to modernize the NYC subway?

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Open Gangway, Smoother Ride
The MTA recently announced that there are plans to update some subway cars with security cameras, Wi-Fi capabilities, digital monitors, and even charging stations for commuters to power up their devices. The most notable change, however, is the new open gangway design that gets rid of the separation between cars and allows passengers to move freely up and down a greater portion of the train.

The design is similar to underground mass transit trains used in London and Paris, and an increasing number of other transit systems outside of the U.S.

For New Yorkers, the update is hoped to increase capacity, ease crowding, and make the ride a little bit quieter and smoother—by eliminating the rattling and shifting caused by the separated cars. The current prototype shows the new train divided into two sections, each the length of five conventional subway cars.

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A Improvement For NYC?
So far, the MTA has decided to order just one train but a 940 car contact is expected to follow. This means that after 2019, there’s a good chance the average NYC subway rider will get a chance to experience the updated version for themselves. Would you be eager to ride in one? Do you think it will be an improvement?

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