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Our mission is to deliver high-quality, thought-provoking content that prompts discussion and connection between individuals, companies, and industries. We aim to serve professionals in this unique industry by giving you a place to learn and share what’s trending and topical.

Magoda was built with a genuine appreciation for manufacturing and the unique factors that concern this sector. We’re working to create a dynamic place online that provides all the information you need to stay informed, and we’re constantly growing.

We’ll be adding a ton of new features, building our content, and welcoming you to join in with your input, your thoughts, and what you bring to the manufacturing world online.

Below are our writers:
You can contact them by email using their first initial and last name at magoda.com

James Spader
Comes from a long line of American manufacturers and small business owners. His passions have always been journalism and World War II history. When not working, he enjoys cooking and competing in amateur chess tournaments.

Camryn Shea
Is a longtime business consultant short-time writer who loves to read about the Maker Movement that’s been made possible through technology. In her free time, she enjoys antiquing and touring vineyards.

Lisa Myers
Is a blogger with an interest in all things mechanical. She is a full-time mom of three active boys, who loves encouraging them to explore the world of science and engineering. They spend a lot of time together playing with Legos.

Sean Thomas
Is a former sports blogger who has taken an interest in marketing and entrepreneurship. When he’s not studying the paths of successful startups, he enjoys hiking with his dogs and spending time with his wife.

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