What happens after the certification of Legacy 500 from Brazilian plane manufacturer, Embraer?
Later this year, Embraer is expecting the release and issuance of the certification of the Legacy 500 along with customer deliveries. Other manufacturers are closely watching as to how the market will react to this new midsize aircraft which has a 3,000-nm range with an incredibly affordable base price of $20 million. The Brazil-based aircraft manufacturer is positioning this latest business jet in category competition with the Cessna Citation Sovereign, the Gulfstream G150, and the Bombardier Learjet 85.

Embraer To Compete With Gulfstream Or Bombardier
On top of its incredible range and price, the Legacy 500 realistically qualifies to compete with the likes of Gulfstream G280 or the Bombardier Challenger 300/350 – both in the super mid-size class. The Legacy 500 is a product of a thousand plus engineers tasked to work on the clean-sheet aircraft design.

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The Legacy 500 Design Features
Some of the comparable features of the Legacy 500 in the super mid-size class include:

  • Passenger accommodation from a business aircraft
  • Transcontinental US range
  • Main cabin measurements almost equal to the length and width of the Challenger 300
  • The single-point pressure refueling port at the right-wing leading edge
  • 12 of the largest windows in the super mid-size category, providing the cabin with ambient lighting
  • Flat floor with double-club seating for eight passengers
  • Eight facing chairs convertible to flatbeds for overnight trips
  • The aft lavatory has an emergency exit
Luxurious comfort-design features of Embraer’s Legacy 500.

Other Competitive Design Features
The Legacy 500 has a “wet” galley supplying hot and cold running water, much like what the Gulfstream G280 has. On top of that, it has a generously-sized catering tray compartment, trash compartments, and large storage for ice. For a spotlessly clean galley floor, a super-thin layer of granite is used.

Highly-Reliable Aircraft Designed For 50+ Years of Service Life
Construction-wise, the Legacy 500’s basic aircraft, airframe, and engines system are designed for long life and high reliability. It is designed with a 27,500-hour economic design life or the equivalent 50 plus years-service life in typical corporate flight operations. Maintenance is not as demanding as other aircraft because it only requires inspection intervals of 750 hr or 12 months. Troubleshooting is aided by an onboard computer.

Premium Aircraft Construction Materials
High-strength aluminum alloys used for most of the primary airframe are pieced together with aluminum aircraft rivets. Composite materials are used in areas where there are tangible benefits for operators in terms of weight savings and reduced maintenance, such as in front and rear pressure bulkheads, doors and control surfaces, fairings, and empennage.

LEDs and Other G280 Features
The Legacy 500 aircraft also has standard full-authority auto-brakes and auto-throttles – two features only G280 and larger aircraft have. Additionally, the aircraft has an LED interior and exterior lights which have a 5000-hr life span for interior lights and a 10000-hr life span for exterior LEDs used for taxi and landing lights, beacon and strobe, navigation, and ice detection.

Design Features For Comfort
Comfort-design features such as passenger seats with optional massage, heating, and adjustable lumbar support and with foldout leg rests; foldout worktables that extend and retract smoothly; manually-operated and power shades are provided in each pair of facing chairs, with touch screen PCU (passenger control unit) for the reading and table lights; and individual video displays are provided for each seat.

Setting The Competition To Another Level
The Brazilian aircraft manufacturer is also preparing the market for Legacy 450 – a 2,500-nm range and $16 million base price. With Legacy 500 and 450, Embraer is all set to bring the competition to another level.

Will Embraer succeed in setting the competition with its Legacy 500?

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3 thoughts on “A New Competition In Super Mid-Size Aircraft”

  1. Whether by accident or design, the Legacy 450 and 500 might be arriving at exactly the right moment. I heard that the Embraer Legacy 500 Executive Jet also has eight club seats which can be berthed into four beds for complete rest. It’s the first mid-size business jet with digital flight controls, based on Fly-By-Wire technology. I don’t fly much but seeing a plane like this sure makes me want to take off on board one of these bad boys.

  2. Imagine an airplane — or house or car or spouse, for that matter — that you have loved for decades but over those years you have wished for some changes and improvements in key areas. That is what this model of mid-sized jet and other competing models, such as the Hawker 4000, promise passenger consumers and those who jet set around the globe regularly.

  3. From all that I have read thus far, it would seem that the high-stakes contest to build the military’s next generation of spy planes pits two of the world’s biggest jet makers against each other. But it’s not oceans that separate where Embraer and Gulfstream Aerospace plan to build these planes – it’s only about 140 miles. Embraer, the Brazilian jet maker that will build its U.S. military aircraft in Jacksonville, and partner Lockheed Martin are vying with Savannah, Ga.-based Gulfstream and its teammate, Northrop Grumman, to get the military contract.

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