Recently the FAA released their list of drones that would fall under registration requirements. They also announced that drone operators would have to pay a $5.00 fee to complete the compliance process.


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A lot of people are unhappy about the news, especially as recreational and hobby drones have topped many gift lists this holiday season.

The penalty for ignoring the registration requirements come at steep costs, from $27,000 to $250,000, and even jail time. It seems that most drone pilots will simply have to bear the requirements or risk the consequences.

Not everyone is displeased with this development however. The new requirements could end up making life a lot easier for those in construction, transportation, and industrial sectors.

Drones Help Get The Job Done
Drones can serve as a major boon when it comes to completing environmental and volumetric surveys, topography, site mapping, inspection, and other operations.

Surveying, engineering, and construction organizations have increasingly embraced the technology and are using drones to get jobs started and completed with greater efficiency and security.

The FAA’s new requirements have actually streamlined the process of legally using drones for such purposes.

Until the new registration rules when into effect, firms that used drones for industrial, construction, and other professional uses had to complete a more involved documentation process that required notarization from the drone manufacturer along with other steps.

This process will now be simplified considerably.

Streamlining The Process For Many
The new regulation process may also make it easier to obtain approval for commercial drone use by first time operators. This could greatly benefit companies that have not yet utilized drones due to regulatory burden.

Drone operators will be able to complete the registration online in early 2016, which will be good news for construction firms and other businesses that are eager to use the technology to aid their spring or summer projects.

Now that the FAA has simplified the registration process and regulations have been made clearer, could you see investing in a drone for your business?

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