Following its first flight on May 25th 2017, Lockheed Martin’s LM-100J will be ready to make its global debut at the upcoming 2017 International Paris Air Show. The commercial freighter aircraft is an updated version of the L-100 cargo aircraft. It also represents a new mission capability for the C-130J Super Hercules aircraft platform.

Credit: Anna Zvereva

A Presence At The “World’s Greatest Airshow”

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After performing especially well during recent flight tests, the LM-100J was cleared to make an appearance at what vice president and general manager of Air Mobility & Maritime Mission at Lockheed Martin, Georget Shultz calls “the world’s greatest airshow”. The craft will be featured in a static display at the Paris-Le Bourget Airport starting on June 19th, with a media briefing to be held on June 20th.

Impressive And Versatile Capabilities

The LM-100J has been designed to be a multi-purpose commercial air freighter with rapid cargo transport capabilities. Since the craft is able to take off and land from short and rudimentary airfields, it’s being marketed as a solution for efficient transport of bulk and oversized cargo to harsh and inhospitable locations. It’s also capable of performing a range of other missions, including medevac procedures, firefighting, and even VIP transport.

Image Source: Wikimedia

In Good Company

The LM-100J will be on display among other notable exhibits expected at this year’s airshow, including Lockheed Martin’s F-35A Joint Strike Fighter, the Boeing 737-9 of its MAX family of jets, and the Boeing 787-10, which is the largest of its 787s. This year’s airshow is also expected to showcase how technology like additive manufacturing, automation, and a new approach to systems integration will impact the present and future of aviation.


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