Who doesn’t love a donut as a sweet dessert, little extra treat with a cup of coffee, or easy diet sabotage?  And while you may think any number of things when you see one waiting for you in a box or bakery display, launching that donut into space probably isn’t one of them; unless you think like the two Swedish brothers who took that odd notion and made it a reality. The rest of us on the other hand are asking why.

A Love Of Space, Photography, And The Unusual
Alexander Jönsson, who along with his brother Benjamin, and a group of friends who launched the now famous donut, said his enthusiasm for space and photography—as well as a delight in doing odd things—fueled the idea. “[…] I used to play around with weather balloons back in school. Then we had the idea that we should send something really crazy up into space and thought, ‘Hey, nobody has ever sent a doughnut up before.”

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A Sweet Accent
The pink frosted and sugar sprinkled donut was launched from Askim, Norway using a weather balloon. The apparatus also included an onboard camera, which captured the sweet treat’s journey into the stratosphere.

Sadly, however, the donut did not qualify as an astronaut by NASA’s standards—a status only given to those who have traveled 62 miles above the surface of the earth. While the weather balloon did meet that outer space criterion, its 32-kilometer accent still amounted to a pioneering height for a donut and a unique experiment to say the least.


Gone But Not Forgotten
After crash-landing in Lake Vättern of Sweden, the soggy donut was reclaimed but eventually lost to the watery conditions—sad news for anyone who may have been wondering how the donut tasted after such a trip. However, the recovered footage would make it perhaps the most famous donut in space exploration.

You can see the launch preparation, the donut’s serene accent, and its watery landing in the 4:42 minute YouTube video, which—along with the story of the experiment—have gone viral. What started as an amusing and sugary stunt may be just the beginning for the Jönsson brothers. They are already working on new ideas and reportedly wondering, “[…] how do you top a doughnut?”


Trying To Top A Donut
As the space donut captured the attention of many around the world, one can’t help but wonder what will be next as a new food product or other item to reach significant heights above Earth. Further, what can launches like these teach ordinary people about space?

As we’re heading towards new beginnings in cosmic tourism and manned missions to other worlds, there may be more to outer space pastry launches than just amusement and claims to a first. It could spark even greater public enthusiasm and curiosity in space travel and exploration.

What are your thoughts on this unique experiment? Do you think its sweet appeal will inspire more like it?

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