Small business owners in Philadelphia are being presented with a unique opportunity that could help them be more successful, while contributing to their community.

Thanks to an $800,000 contribution from the city, the Community College of Philadelphia will be providing free business workshops for local establishments.

Philly Seeks To Power Up Business
The Power Up Your Business workshops and classes are intended to help small business owners in Philadelphia’s estimated 265 commercial corridors.

Starting in January, The Community College of Philadelphia is offering free programs in financial management, personal and business credit, and local marketing.

Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney said of the initiative “One of our major goals is to ensure that our city is a growing business center, and that is dependent on the success of businesses of all sizes in all neighborhoods.

We have seen great growth in Center City and the surrounding areas, and we want all of our neighborhoods to experience that opportunity.”

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Good For The Community As A Whole?
Local Philly businesses are welcome to apply to the upcoming program as long as they have been open for a year, have at least one full time employee, and an annual revenue of $1 million or less.

Small business owners that take advantage of the free workshops could walk away with some valuable knowledge to better manage and improve their business, but Mayor Kenney has also made it clear that this effort is focused on contributing to the community as a whole.


“When the neighborhood business corridor is strong, housing values are strong. When the neighborhood business corridor is strong, it’s safer, there are more people working, there’s more of a community feel in the neighborhood.”

Mayor Kenney said when the Power Up Your Business initiative was announced on December 5th.

Should More Cities Follow Suit?
Will this city program accomplish the goals set forth, provide better job security and prosperity for small business employees and owners? Will it also contribute to safer, stronger communities?

If you live in the Philadelphia area, let us know what happens.

Tell us if you plan to take advantage of the program and if you think it’s a good use of city resources.

If you’re not a Philly local, does your area offer similar workshops?

Would you like to see more of them in your city?

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