With the prevalence Internet communities—where news and innovation is discussed around the clock—and widespread tech conventions and niche tradeshows happening all the time, a lot of people forget that world’s fairs and expos are still out there and remain an interesting aspect of human culture. While they evoke thoughts of nostalgia for some and often leave iconic relics that show us where we’ve been, do they still provide value in today’s modern world?

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Nostalgia Meets The Future
Generations of Americans remember visiting the world’s fairs of Seattle, New York, Knocksville, San Antonio, New Orleans, Spokane, and others over the last century—and many of their notable exhibits and structures still stand and draw visitors today. Since world fairs and expos are still happening every few years, all over the globe, and attract millions peoples, it appears they still have great potential to leave an impact on the public, as well as showcase innovation from many industries.

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History In The Making
World’s fairs and expos have been happening since the mid nineteenth century and have left us with incredible icons, including the Eifle Tower, the Space Needle, and the Chicago Ferris Wheel, which was the largest single piece of forged steel the ever created at the time. With Expo 15’ happening in Milan, Italy, we could be witnessing history in the making, especially when you consider the universal focus of the fair: food. Global food production, agriculture technologies, and nutrition have become major topics in the tech industry, and have seeped into public consciousness as well. Vertical farms, food source exhibits, an a chance to experience foods served up in new and unusual ways are all waiting for visitors at the 12 million square feet of exhibition space.

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Transportation Tech On The Move
For those interested in more conventionally industrial world’s fair exhibits, Los Angles may be the place to turn. Engineers, architects and venture capitalists are currently working on a transportation-tech focused world’s fair for 2022. If their efforts come to fruition, we could get the latest look at a Hyperloop, self-driving cars, and other innovations. Although there are a number of logistic issues that will need to be addressed before the LA based World’s Fair 2022 becomes a reality, there’s a lot of optimism that it will revitalize the city and bring a range of new technology to the masses.

Can The Modern World Still Marvel?
Also up and coming are Expo 2017, which will focus on future energy sources and Expo 2020, which will feature the theme “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future”. Do you think the masses of the modern world could still marvel at what they’ll find in upcoming world’s fair and expos? Perhaps these events just as important to global relationships as they are to a technologically progressive future, but tell us what you think about them and the value they hold. Give your input in the comments.

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