Everyone from do-it-yourselfers to large home building companies will be paying record-high prices for lumber in 2021. The cost of lumber started rising in 2020 due to a confluence of factors mostly related to the pandemic. Random Lengths reported that overall lumber prices had gone up by 193 percent compared to a year earlier. The most recent price spike on April 9, 2021, pushed the cost of 1,000 board feet up to $1,048.
Causes Of Lumber Inflation

The forces of supply and demand have deprived the market of lumber inventory at exactly the same time that people wanted more lumber. The pandemic interrupted supply when lumber mills shut down or reduced activity so that workers could have more distance between each other. Concurrently, people stuck at home turned their attention to remodeling projects as an alternative to cancelled social events and vacations.

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Very low interest rates on home loans have also boosted demand for homes. Work-from-home opportunities inspired more people to move out of big cities and look for suburban homes. Home builders hoping to supply people with new homes exacerbated the demand for lumber.

Effect On New Home Prices

According to the National Association of Home Builders, shortages and price increases for raw materials have pushed home prices up by an average of $24,386. In many instances, builders have raised their prices in the hope of slowing demand until they can get enough materials at better prices. Per a Zonda survey, about 70 percent of builders reported raising prices for this reason.

No Price Relief Any Time Soon

Notably, May futures contracts per 1,000 board feet for 2x4s, are trading at $1,158. In a single day of trading the price went up $32. Although mills have increased production, experts expect a backlog of demand to keep prices high through the year.

How has your construction company had to adapt to the spike in lumber prices? Have other construction materials cost increases, such as the rising price of steel, affected your budgeting for components like bolts and anchors?

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