More communities are expanding and improving in an effort to draw tourism, business and prosperity, but does it make sense to shape a local building like a very real regional weather danger?

Oklahoma’s second largest city may be getting a new and unusual building. For its location in Tornado Ally, a twister shaped tower is sure to evoke delight and distaste based on whom you ask, but the reason why developers have proposed this design is very much related to what the Tulsa Tornado Tower will house.

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tornado diagram

Drawing Tourists And Aiding Weather Research
The evocative tornado tower will also be known as the Oklahoma Weather Museum and Research Center. The tower was proposed by Tulsa architecture firm Kinslow, Keith & Todd after the city called for new ideas.

While it will probably have no trouble attracting tourists for its unusual structure, the Tulsa Tornado Tower will also serve to educate and includes spaces for classrooms, conventions, a museum, as well as a storm lab, multiple observation decks, a roof top terrace, and even a revolving restaurant.

A Glass And Metal Cyclone
One look at the proposed plan and it’s a wonder how such a structure will hold if it were faced with it’s a namesake, which is a real possibility considering Tulsa has seen more than 75 tornados since 1904. Kinslow, Keith & Todd, however, assure that the building will meet with all local safety codes.

Specs currently have the building standing between 250 to 300 feet. It’s glass and perforated metal panels will front its twisting cyclone shape.


The Perfect Project For Tulsa?
So is this kind of building project right for Tulsa and should other communities also call on locals to submit their ideas for improvements? Lots of cities and states still have plenty on their tasks lists since the economy turned around. Infrastructure repair is needed throughout the country, and on structures that aren’t nearly as exciting and notable as the Tulsa Tornado Tower.

On the other hand, building projects that serve to educate the public, enable researchers, and draw visitors, apart from just enhance a skyline be welcomed in any city.

tornado building

Do you think the Oklahoma Weather Museum and Research Center should take on the shape of one of its subjects?

Do you think more cities should be investing in multipurpose public projects and calling for ideas as Tulsa’s “Reimagining Downtown” assignment has?

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