Women in the construction industry make up a little over ten percent of the sector’s workforce. Women working in construction fill many different roles, from management and administrative positions to many roles on the front lines of a job site, however, they remain a minority in the industry.


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There are a number of reasons why the female construction worker is more of an anomaly than the norm. Some of these reasons are due to construction worker stereotypes and misconceptions about what working in construction entails or aspects of the job that many people are quick to judge as dangerous, dirty, or generally off-putting.

Some reasons come from within the industry itself, including issues of unconscious gender bias, lack of resources, and internal perceptions that interfere with attracting more female job applicants.

The modern construction industry is increasingly addressing these issues and it will benefit if it succeeds. That’s because there is a growing demand for workers in the sector and that is not expected to change. There are also many benefits for women who seek out opportunities in the industry and major potential for high pay, job security, and advancement on many fronts.

Jobs For Women In Construction

Jobs for women in construction are very diverse. They are typically categorized as office positions and trade positions. The vast majority of women working in construction perform their jobs from an office environment.

These jobs include sales and administration, various management and oversight positions, as well as executive and company ownership.  Although a minority, there are still many women who work as tradespeople. In these jobs, women perform various construction and maintenance tasks. They also fill service, inspection, and transportation roles among many others.

Credit: Sean McGrath

Jobs for women in construction are no different from jobs for men in construction, but there are some improvements needed to welcome more women to jobs and make them safe, capable, and confident. These improvements include better access to safety and job equipment that work for women of various statures. Other improvements are related more to an equal job culture, pay, and potential for advancement. Many companies and organizations are making efforts to realize these changes.

Construction Jobs For Female Applicants

When looking for construction jobs, female applicants will benefit from cursory research into the different career avenues offered by the sector. Deciding on an office-based position or a site-based job will factor into the type of construction job search.

Many companies will offer training for jobs that require the use of equipment or that are site-based since there are the roles where labor is in the greatest demand.

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