After ten years in development, there is a lot more to this clear material than meets the eye. It might look like glass, but it’s something much cooler and much more capable. This transparent material is completely clear and remarkably strong, and the technology for developing it will soon be made available to companies that can take it to the next level.


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A Crystal Clear, Ultra Strong Ceramic
The U.S. Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) calls the new material Spinel, a specialty ceramic made from magnesium aluminate synthetic powder. In addition to possessing the translucent quality of glass, it’s considerably stronger and lightweight. When the private industry starts to scale it up as NRL projects, it could be a game-changer in a wide range of products, from camera lenses to bulletproof glass, and of course, enhanced military components and equipment.

Perfecting Production And Unlocking Potential
Spinel has just recently reached a new level of potential thanks to production modifications that have seriously improved its clarity. Using crucibles and high heat in early production stages resulted in material imperfections and a fogged appearance. After switching to a hot press method used under a vacuum, NRL was finally able to achieve the reliable manufacture of Spinel with a crystal clear appearance.

The Latest In Tough Translucence
Tough, translucent materials aren’t new, but there’s no lack of demand for them in defense, industrial, and commercial applications. The primary benefit of improving and incorporating Spinel into more products is the weight reduction that comes with it. In a press release, NRL scientist Jas Sanghera explained that the five inches of plastic and glass which comprise a bullet-proof window could be considerably slimed down: “If you replaced that with spinel, you’d reduce the weight by a factor of two or more[…]”


Armor, Lasers, And Other Applications
Spinel may mean lighter, slimmer and tougher camera lenses, device screens, security windows and other products used in the civilian world. The NRL’s decision to pass the technology on to private sector doesn’t mean the military has gotten all it can from this development. Quite the contrary, the material handoff comes from an interest in seeing what type of armor, laser and other defensive enhancements it could spur.

What do you think of this development and what potential applications come to mind for you? Do you think Spinel will be the game-changing material that many are predicting?

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