A Navy Officer recruiter in the U.S. Navy is an experienced Sailor who helps potential naval candidates begin their service and careers with the US Navy. Recruiters help these individuals identify strengths and skills that are relevant to the specific demands of service in the Navy.


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They also answer questions and provide information so potential recruits can make a decision to join up. With direct connections to a Navy Officer, recruits can learn a lot about life in naval service, from future opportunities for education and jobs to what daily life is like on a ship or submarine.

US Navy Recruiting

US Navy recruiting is an important endeavor for the naval branch of the armed forces.  In the role, a Navy Officer or other experienced sailor will help fill staffing needs by identifying and welcoming potential Navy service candidates.

U.S. Navy recruiting should not be confused with a desk job; recruiting officers have a very dynamic schedule and duties that take them to many different places.  Navy recruiting requires special training and only Sailors with the right combination of skills, experience, and knowledge are selected to serve in that role.

How To Become A Navy Officer

To become a U.S. Navy Officer, a Sailor will need to commit to initial service, which is usually a period of three to five years. These obligations can vary based on specific training, posts, and assignments. It’s also a requirement that Navy Officer is enrolled in college or that they hold a college degree.

Navy Officers must successfully complete aptitude tests, as well as Officer Candidate School or Officer Development school. Navy Officers may start as enlisted or apply to be commissioned.

How Much Do You Make In The Navy?

As with any job, Navy salaries vary with experience and other factors. Starting pay for Navy Seaman Recruits in 2021 is $1,733.10 per month or $20,797.20 annually.  On the higher end, Naval Officer salaries can reach $147,000 a year, but on average, $96,800 is the annual base income for a U.S. Naval Officer.

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