The cost of wind turbines varies by many factors, including their kilowatt scale. Wind turbines used on farms and for smaller private homes are on the lower end of the installed cost range. For example, a 10-kilowatt wind turbine used for the power needs of a moderate size home will cost between $50,000 and upwards of $80,000. The cost is affected by materials and other factors, but in general, a machine that offers less than 100 kilowatts will cost between $3000 per kilowatt capacity and $8000 per kilowatt capacity.


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These costs increase significantly for utility and commercial-scale wind turbines. A commercial wind turbine with a megawatt capacity will cost roughly several million per turbine.

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Windmill?

A windmill used to offset home power costs will vary based on its size, material, and power generating potential. Small backyard windmills that use DIY designs and conventional materials can be built for just hundreds of dollars. The power generating potential of these machines is limited but it can be useful for powering small equipment, such as a well water pump or refrigeration unit.

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More sophisticated home wind turbines can cost ten of thousands of dollars but they offer greater returns when it comes to energy production. Roof-based wind turbines can meet many residential power needs. And although the installed costs usually start at $50,000, energy savings and tax incentives can offset this cost over time.

How Much Does A Wind Farm Cost?

A commercial-scale wind farm that consists of multiple megawatt turbines will cost tens of millions of dollars for smaller utility projects and hundreds of millions for larger installations. The cost of this can be even higher for offshore wind farms, which can be far more complex to build and maintain.

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Whether offshore or on land, commercial and utility wind farms require a lot more than the turbine installation costs. These expenses will include wind resource assessments, permitting, utility system incorporation and upgrades, among many others.

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