The food industry offers many opportunities for people who are seeing steady careers with a diverse range of roles and duties. Careers in food run the gamut of jobs, from food scientists and chefs, to engineers, machinery technicians, production managers, and more. The food industry includes businesses like restaurants and grocery stores, as well as the many manufacturers that process, prepare, and package a myriad of products.


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As there are so many different types of businesses that create, sell, distribute, and ship these products, there are many career opportunities. Food industry jobs are always growing and job seekers will have many choices that suit many skills and passions. This industry offers a lot for people who are passionate about cooking, baking, nutrition, and traditional pursuits directly related to food preparation and presentation.

There are also many opportunities for people who are seeking administrative, management, and executive opportunities, as well as those who are looking for ways to apply technical, mechanical, and scientific know-how.

Food Production Jobs

Food production jobs include many different roles in the food industry. In food production, tasks are related to taking a raw product and processing it into a useable ingredient. Goods like cocoa beans are processed to cocoa power, raw milk is processed into cheese, and bushels of wheat is processed into flour. Jobs in food production will involve various manual and equipment-based processes.

They also include many roles related to machinery and management. Because food producers operate in urban and rural environments, in all regions of the United States, there are many career opportunities in this manufacturing sector.

Food Manufacturing Jobs

Food manufacturing jobs are roles related to the process of creating an edible product from food ingredients. In food manufacturing, a series of techniques, equipment, and ingredients are used to yield a consistent result, which yields an item that is ready to cook, drink, or eat.

Food manufacturing can be carried out using traditional preparation methods in a very low-tech manner, but the vast majority of food manufacturers utilize automated equipment to achieve an optimal output.

In addition to the preparation of the food itself, packaging is another important part of the food manufacturing process. In some facilities, food processing may be carried out in addition to food manufacturing—usually at an earlier stage and a separate part of a food manufacturing facility.

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