The Covid-19 pandemic had a drastic effect on many different markets. From real estate, to lumber, to cars, and more, prices have fluctuated and consumer behavior has followed. For many people, the decision to sell a house, buy a new car, or build a new deck can simply be delayed until prices stabilize. But when the effects of the pandemic start affecting necessities, consumers are put in a tough spot, and they may not realize it until they see their checkout total at the grocery store or the bill after a dinner out.


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Business Owners And Consumers See Steep Costs

In April of 2021, consumer prices rose at a rate not seen in over a decade. Many of these increases can be traced to supply chain issues that have persisted through last year and continue to impact all types of markets. The food price index in particular has risen at a steep rate, which has affected food manufacturers, restaurants, and grocery shoppers alike.

Price increases have been more drastic in metro areas, due in part to demand and local conditions, but they have also been widespread across the country. Rising grain prices, as well as meat, seafood, dairy, and produce, have affected costs throughout store shelves and wholesaler inventories. Fuel costs and goods like paper have also taken their toll of keeping shelves stocked and prices consistent.

A number of factors have contributed to the difficulties, including virus outbreaks affecting livestock, reduced crop yields, labor and supply shortages, and sudden en masse bulk buying of groceries and other goods in the early months of 2020. Various supply chain and logistics issues are also contributing to rising prices on local levels.

Hoping For A Gradual Normalcy 

As vaccination rates increase, mask mandates are lifted, and people are preparing to return to more pre-pandemic activities, there are big questions of when and if supply chains and prices will also settle back into some type of normalcy. Although experts are expecting continued spiking over the next few months before a gradual leveling, it’s difficult for anyone to predict how the current price pressure will ripple out to consumers and businesses alike.

Have supply chain problems and food price increases affected your business or personal budgeting? What adjustments have you made because of these changes? Comment with your experience.

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