Five Ways 3D Printed Food Is Changing The Future

Since we’re now able to 3D print everything from prosthetics to clothing, the idea of using this process to make edibles isn’t all that surprising. As the technology continues to emerge, there have been a lot of projections on how the combination of edible ingredients and additive manufacturing will change the way we prepare and enjoy food. Here are a few ways that is happening right–and is expected to happen in the very near future.

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1. 3D Printed Food Gets Its Own Annual Conference

Annual conferences may be one indicator of knowing an industry has arrived, and for 3D printed edibles, that’s finally happened this year in the Netherlands. Highlighting the biggest developments in the art and science of 3D printed edibles, the 3D Food Printing Conference will likely become the place to turn for the latest in this type of technology.

Some key issues addressed during this flagship gathering were advances in hardware and software, capabilities in custom nutrition and food design, as well as food safety concerns.

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2. 3D Printing Is Conquering The Wedding Industry

Wedding cakes have gone from just another reception element to the centerpiece of a celebration, and a chance for couples to symbolize their relationship or just showoff their artistic tastes. 3D printing has made this possible on a whole new level. From intricate lacework to miniature editions of the couple as a cake topper, it seems like there’s noting you can’t do using 3D printed sugar, chocolate, icing and more. It’s not just weddings either, culinarity artists have made all manner of beautiful confections with special events in mind, and the results are extremely impressive.


3. 3D Printed Food In Space

Now that there’s a 3D printer aboard the International Space Station and it’s being tested for production of parts, tools, and other hardware, why not take it to the next level and use it to create prepared meals in space? That’s what NASA is already in the process working through. As missions to the Moon, Mars, and other frontiers are in the works, we’ll need more advanced ways of keeping astronauts well-nourished and fulfilled with conveniently prepared meals that can’t be sent as cargo.

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4. 3D Print Your Dinner At Home

Your average consumer now has access to 3D printing technology that can be easily and safely used at home. 3D doodle pens and tabletop printers are affordable to own and intuitive to use. Now, some are betting that the technology will eventually enter the average kitchen and maybe someday replace blenders and microwaves. There are still a lot of improvements needed when it comes to the technology itself, but there is potential for producing novel and nutritious food items. This technology may change the way we prepare and enjoy our meals and snacks sooner than you’d think.

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5. Foodies Have Approved, Even If The Public’s Not There Yet

Although the industry is banking on 3D printed food evolving into a mainstay of the average household—at least in the future—for now the general population isn’t so onboard with the idea. Still, the technology and resulting edibles have been embraced by foodies and trendsetters.

The public is getting little tastes of how 3D printed food is unique and looks appetizing—at least when it comes to novelties like chocolate or candy. There are plenty of gastronomical examples that took a long time to gain appeal and are now considered quite mainstream. Will 3D printed food soon go from exotic and experimental to widely enjoyed?

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