How To Write A New Accreditation Press Release

Just as a job applicant’s qualifications matter to an employer, professional accreditations and certifications can carry a lot of weight for customers considering a company. They signify reputability and compliance with necessary industry standards and can open many new doors.


Earning one is news worth broadcasting to future customers seeking a company with unique qualifications and to trend watchers in your marketplace. A new release also helps spread the word that your company is striving to meet higher standards and is achieving recognition.

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What Should A New Accreditation Press Release Say?

A new accreditation release should let the reader know what standards your company has met, why they matter, and what it means for your customers and your mission to serve them.

Suppose the accreditation is specific to one aspect of your operations, such as your production, quality assurance, or a particular offering. In that case, the release should be focused on what it means for that area of your business, especially if the certification is pertinent to a unique marketplace.

Why Write An Accreditation Press Release?

  • Shows your organization is dedicated to maintaining specific standards
  • An opportunity to spotlight your company’s unique capabilities
  • Spreads the word that your company strives to meet higher standards and achieves recognition

If the accreditation is more general, that information is still just as important to share as it’s a testament to your company’s diligence and attention to specific standards. Discussing how your company reached all of the accreditation criteria is also an opportunity to spotlight your unique capabilities, which is excellent for boosting your brand in a meaningful way.

Creating An Accreditation Press Release

Foundational details for a new recognition release include your company’s name and website. Other essential information is the name of the accreditation or certification, the organization that issues it, and its purpose.

Suppose there is an essential page to target, such as a landing page dedicated to a certified capability or practice. In that case, a URL to that page should be added after the introductory paragraph, along with a statement encouraging readers to learn more.
In the body of the release, details on the significance of the accreditation should be shared. This can be focused on the overall standards that must be met and how your company successfully achieved this.

Tips For Writing A Great Press Release

  • Include information on why this accreditation matters in your industry and your company’s motivations for meeting the requirements
  • Focus on the key players who were most responsible for realizing this achievement and specific company practices and philosophies
  • Explain any new offerings or capabilities that have been made possible through the new accreditation

The release can then focus on the key players, including teams and individuals, who were most responsible for realizing this achievement. It can also examine the specific company practices and philosophies that were consequential.

Now that your company has this accreditation, it may be able to reach new markets, offer unique products, services, or assurances, or extend its capabilities. The release should provide these details to communicate why this development matters.

If your company needs to adopt new practices or procedures to ensure this accreditation will be maintained, that can also be explained. This is important as it shows your organization is dedicated to maintaining specific standards, particularly those that apply to industry-wide criteria and not just the company itself.


Including a quote from someone within the company will help the reader understand why this development is significant. That person’s name and professional title should be added as well.

To conclude the release, your company’s website or contact information is usually provided so readers can submit questions or reach out to learn more about this development.

Answers Needed Before Writing An Accreditation Press Release

The purpose of this release is to publicize a new professional accreditation or official credentials. It doesn't matter if you or someone will be writing the release. Before that process can start, you must gather some information first. By clicking on any of the questions below, you will see sample answers for each. These answers were used in a fictitious press release located below the questions.

Sample New Accreditation Press Release Based Off Of Above Questions

How To Write A New Accreditation Press Release sample

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