How To Write A Case Study Press Release

The results can provide valuable insight when your company completes a case study or survey. The research or survey may demonstrate how your products or services deliver consistent benefits or that your approach to customer service amounts to a majority of happy and loyal customers.


It's no small feat to conduct a case study or survey, and doing so successfully is essential news, mainly when the results verify good things about your company's mission and brand.

Publishing a press release is an effective way to spread the word about this development. By providing trustworthy, verifiable information to prospective customers, you can attract trend-followers attention in your industry and the markets you serve.

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What Should A Case Study/Survey Findings Press Release Say?

A findings press release should inform the reader of details on the study or survey, why and how it was conducted, and what it revealed. Most readers will be curious about the results and what they mean, and the press release can set them on the path to learning more.


Case studies and surveys set out to uncover insights. These insights can confirm or defy expectations or reveal previously unknown trends, which can be very compelling, especially to people in your marketplace.

If a potential customer is considering a product or service that’s the subject of a case study, the results can be beneficial in furthering their purchasing decision. Survey results can be just as engaging, giving prospective buyers a sense of what your company consistently delivers and how they can gain a similar experience.

Why Write A Case Study Press Release?

  • Give prospective buyers an understanding of your company's delivery and how they can gain a similar experience.
  • Provide trustworthy, verifiable information to prospective customers.
  • Help future customers in their research and boost the authority of your brand.

However, if a case study or survey reveals less than positive insights, this doesn’t mean you have to forego sharing that information. Framing any uncovered shortcomings or missed marks as an opportunity to improve, and explaining how your company is taking action, can be powerful for readers.


Creating A Case Study / Survey Findings Press Release

To create a press release for a completed case study or survey, some foundational information should be provided before the analysis or survey’s insights are shared or alluded to. This information includes your company name, website, and the targeted page.

A targeted page for this release is usually a landing page closely related to the study or survey, such as a landing page for a product featured in the case study. A URL to the page and a statement directing the reader to learn more are usually added after the introductory paragraph.

How To Make A Case Study Press Release Great

  • Make sure to note any significant or unexpected finding
  • Include your company’s motivations for conducting the case study or survey
  • Don’t be afraid to include any uncovered shortcomings or missed marks as long you explain how your company will use that insight to take action

The case study/survey’s title, topic, and what it aimed to examine should be explained early on. Your company’s motivations for conducting the study or survey, the most related product or service, who conducted or issued the study/survey, who participated, and when should also be shared.

After the basics of the survey/study are established, any significant and unexpected findings can be noted. The release does not need to reveal all insights; it only needs to serve as a summary or means of directing a reader’s attention to the complete study or survey results. The press release should clearly state where and how the reader can access the published study/survey if available.


What your company gained from conducting the study/survey and how those lessons will impact any upcoming developments will make the release more future-focused, which lets your reader know to be on the lookout for more from your company.

A quote about the survey/case study from someone within your company, along with their name and professional title, should also be included in the release. To close, it’s a standard to direct readers to contact your company for more information or submit questions, which should be accompanied by contact information or your company’s website URL.

Need Answers Before Writing A Survey Findings Press Release

The purpose of this press release is to publicize the results of a case study or survey of customers by or on behalf of the company. Someone is going to be writing the release. Before that process can start, you must gather some information first.

Below are questions that need to be answered and placed in a document for a person to write a release. By clicking on any of the questions below, you will see sample answers for each. These answers were used in a fictitious press release located below the questions.

How To Write A Case Study Survey Findings Press Release sample

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