How To Write A Charitable Contribution Press Release

When your company decides to contribute to a charity, nonprofit, or other philanthropic organization, it can be an excellent opportunity to spotlight what that says about your brand. Sharing news of a charitable contribution speaks to success and generosity.

It can also be an intelligent approach to marketing at a time when customers are very responsive to solutions-providers with values that align with their own, especially when those values are altruistic and focused on wider-reaching prosperity.

A charitable release helps current and prospective buyers and industry trend watchers learn more about how your company is giving back and why it matters.

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What Should A Charitable Contribution Press Release Say?

A charitable release will mainly focus on the mission of the charitable organization, how your company contributed, and the significance of that decision.

There are numerous philanthropic organizations and initiatives out there. There are likely some important reasons behind your company’s particular choice that your reader will want to learn about.

Why Write A Charitable Contribution Press Release?

  • An intelligent approach to marketing is when customers are responsive to companies that embody positive action.
  • It helps prospective buyers and trend watchers learn how your company is giving back.
  • Mutually beneficial to a cause that your company cares about.

Perhaps your company has a history of supporting this charity, or it's a cause affecting one of your team members. Whatever the reason, spelling out your company's motivations will be effective for generating and maintaining your reader's interest.

How much you discuss the specifics of the contribution itself is at your company's discretion. If the gift was simply a monetary donation, disclosing the exact amount is not a requirement. Just reporting that a generous financial contribution was made can be sufficient.


If the contribution was made in another way, such as by running a clothing or food drive or donating products or services, providing details can be incredibly engaging and help call attention to the charity's current needs.

When constructed correctly, this press release for a company's contribution to the community can mutually benefit a cause that your company cares about. It also spreads the word about the good your company is doing.

Creating A Charitable Contribution Press Release

The foundational information will include your company name and website when creating a release on charitable giving. A landing page linked to this charitable contribution, such as a product or service related to a donation, can be used as a targeted page for the release.

The URL to the targeted page and a message directing the reader to learn more will typically be added after the introductory paragraph.

How To Make A Charitable Contribution Press Release Great

  • Explaining your company’s motivations will help generate and maintain your reader’s interest.
  • If possible, include a quote from someone associated with the charitable organization expressing their reaction to the contribution.
  • Be sure to mention if this donation is part of a tradition or history of philanthropic action in your company.

Information on the charity, including its name, website, and mission, should also be introduced before the contribution details are shared. The donation's what, why, when, and how can then be explained, along with any response from the charity or recipient.


If this donation is part of your company's tradition or history of philanthropic action, the press release can discuss that. A quote about the contribution or cause from someone within the company, along with their name and professional role, should also be included.

If an additional quote from the charity's representative can be added, this will be even more impactful. The release should conclude by directing the reader to the company website or contact information if they have questions or seek additional details.

Questions To Be Answered Before Writing A Charitable Press Release

The purpose of this press release is to publicize a philanthropic action or contribution by the company. It doesn't matter if you or someone will be writing the release. Before that process can start, you must gather some information first.

Below are questions that need to be answered and placed in a document for a person to write a charitable release. By clicking on any of the questions below, you will see sample answers for each. These answers were used in a fictitious release located below the questions.

Sample Charitable Press Release Based Off Of The Above Answers

How To Write A Charitable Contribution Press Release

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