How To Write A Community Outreach Press Release

If your company has recently participated in some form of community outreach, such as volunteering time or expertise, that news can generate positive buzz about your brand.

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Community outreach might include giving a talk at a local event or organization, sponsoring educational programs, or extending services to the community free of charge. However, if your company has chosen to contribute, the development can be an effective and engaging topic for a release.

In addition to calling attention to a vital cause your company cares about, a press release lets current and prospective customers know your company is an active player in its community. This can be very meaningful, especially when it is now common for consumers to gravitate to companies with values that align with their own.

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What Should An Outreach Press Release Say?

A community outreach release mainly focuses on how your company contributed to its community and why. If your company extended services, donated products, or offered expertise related to the solutions you offer, this is an even better case for raising awareness of your brand. In detailing your contribution, you can spotlight why your company’s solutions are valued and in need.

However, a community outreach release doesn’t have to be related to the products or services your company offers; if your organization has reached out locally by contributing time and hard work, it’s still an opportunity to broadcast that your company is taking action and giving back.

Why Write A Press Release About An Outreach Program?

  • Spotlight the ways your company is contributing to its community
  • Draw attention to a cause your company cares about
  • Generate positive buzz about your company

If a specific individual, team, or department was instrumental in the outreach efforts, then you can focus on them. In addition to sharing the details on how your company contributed, relaying the outreach to your company’s overall mission will help the reader associate your brand with positive and philanthropic efforts.

Creating A Community Participation Event Press Release

When creating a release to share the news of your community outreach, your company’s name, website, and location should be included, along with the name of the organization or event your company contributed to and its location.

If there is a product, service, or another landing page related to your company’s outreach, this should be the targeted page of the release. To include a targeted page, a statement directing the reader to learn more about it, followed by the page’s URL, should be added after the introductory paragraph.

How To Make A Community Outreach Press Release Great

  • Mention any unique capabilities, products or services, or other ways your company contributed
  • Include the reasons why your company wanted to participate
  • Add a quote from someone associated with the community organization about your company’s contribution

The press release can then go on to explain how your company participated and when—whether it was a one-time contribution or is ongoing—and why your company was compelled to do so.

The reaction or response to the contribution can be detailed along with any ways your company will continue to participate in the future or if this is part of an ongoing tradition of outreach.

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A quote from someone within your company, especially someone directly involved with the outreach, along with the name and professional title, should be included. In closing, the press release should provide your company’s website address or contact information so readers can easily connect with your company.

Need Answers Before Writing A Community Outreach Press Release

The purpose is to publicize participation in community outreach or contribution outside the company. Below are questions that need to be answered and placed in a document for a person to write a release. By clicking on any of the questions below, you will see sample answers for each. These answers were used in a fictitious press release located below the questions.

Sample Community Outreach Press Release Based Off Of Questions

How To Write A Community Outreach Participation Press Release sample

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