How To Write A Company Reputation Press Release

Your company may have recently received confirmation of its excellent reputation by hitting a rating milestone or receiving a series of glowing reviews. This is excellent information to share with your marketplace, specifically with buyers looking for a trusted and capable provider.


Conversely, your company may address some concerns and issues that have recently tarnished an otherwise positive reputation. One of the best ways to handle this situation is to focus on how it’s moving forward and highlight why your organization will continue to be a great choice in the marketplace.

Why Write A Company Reputation Release?

  • Appeal to buyers who are looking for a trusted and capable provider
  • Highlight the reasons your organization is a great choice in the marketplace
  • Share your company’s goals to build and improve upon its past successes

Creating a release that addresses your company’s reputation can effectively broadcast what it’s doing right and how it will continue to improve.

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What Should A Company Reputation Press Release Say?

A company release will focus on how your past customers and the marketplace view your brand. Additionally, it should share your company’s goals to build and improve upon its past successes.


The release will vary based on whether your company wants to call attention to a virtually unblemished reputation or if it’s coming back. In either case, focusing on the positive and the specific actions your company has taken or will take is a solid approach.

Even as the release will discuss your company’s reputation, it should be focused on why this information will matter to your present and future customers. Emphasizing how your reputation-building efforts will amount to an exceptional customer experience will make the release more appealing to prospective buyers and more impactful overall.


Creating A Company Reputation Press Release

When creating a company release, standard details like your company name, website, and targeted page will need to be defined. The release’s targeted page will be the most relevant landing page to the topic. This might be a website page with a feed of recent reviews or content that explains your customer service policy. A URL to this page and a statement that prompts the reader to learn more should be included after the opening paragraph.

The release should give readers an overview of your company, including its location, years in business, number of employees, the markets it serves, and its overall mission or philosophy. Apart from these details, the release can discuss your company’s main goals at the time of its founding and how they compare to its current plans.

How To Create A Great Company Reputation Press Release

  • Name some specific actions your company takes to build and improve its reputation.
  • Explain how your reputation-building efforts will amount to a great customer experience.
  • Include direct quotes from reviews and feedback left by past customers.

Discussing the efforts and actions that have led to your positive reputation, along with any accreditation, honors, and significant milestones will solidify the claims of your company’s reputation. This can be furthered by naming some of your significant competitors and specifying why your company is the better choice.

If your company is addressing any setbacks or situations in which it has fallen short in delivering an optimal experience—whether on a small or large scale—that can also be addressed in the release. The specific actions your company will take to improve can also be explained.


A company reputation press release should include direct quotes from reviews and feedback from previous customers. Apart from these sources, a quote from someone within your company should echo the sentiments of these happy customers by explaining the type of experience your company strives to deliver. Their name and professional title should be included.

Any call to action you want the reader to take or a prompt to contact your company, followed by your website URL or contact information, should be included at the end of the release.

Need Answers Before Writing A Company Reputation Press Release

This press release aims to publicize a company's reputation and goals to be recognized as a positive force in its marketplace. It doesn't matter if you or someone will be writing the release. Before that process can start, you must gather some information first.

Below are questions that need to be answered and placed in a document for a person to write the release. By clicking on any of the questions below, you will see sample answers for each. These answers were used in a fictitious press release located below the questions.

Company Reputation Press Release Sample From Above Answers

How To Write A Company Reputation Press Release sample

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