How To Write A Competing Product Press Release

In general, buyers usually prefer to have more options. However, comparing similar or identical products from different providers can take time and consideration. Buyers want to make the best possible decision without a lot of demands on their energy. Naturally, as a seller, you want to give them a shortcut leading to your company. A competing product comparison press release can help you do that.


This release helps you present your reader with options and shows why yours is the better choice. It’s not just a chance to promote but also to help a buyer become more informed and make your company appear as a knowledgeable marketplace authority.

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What Should A Competing Product Comparison Press Release Say?

A competing product comparison release should clearly show how a competitor’s product measures up against your company’s. It should be focused on more than just a product and its features but also on how it fulfills a need better than other options.

Why Write A Product Comparison Press Release?

  • Give buyers a shortcut that leads to your company.
  • Help buyers become more informed and portray your company as a knowledgeable marketplace authority.
  • Show that your brand is focused on exceeding expectations and standards.

Putting the focus on the buyer and end-user is essential. This is the release’s ideal reader, and your intent should be to guide them in their decision. You must present practical evidence for its value to persuade readers to choose your company’s product.


What problems does it anticipate and solve where the competitor’s product does not? Why have customers chosen it in the past, and why will they continue to do so in the future? The release should strive to address these and other questions.

Beyond the product, the release should also focus on why your company offers this product. How does it speak to its overall mission to meet the requirements of a marketplace?

Answering this question will make the release more than just a promotional piece; it will reinforce your company’s role in its industry, building your brand and sending the message that it’s focused on exceeding expectations and standards.

Creating A Competing Product Comparison Press Release

To create a product release, a few key details are required. Your company's name, website, product, competitor's product, and the competitor's name should be established. A targeted page, which will likely be the landing page for your product, should be directly linked to the release. This is done by letting the reader know they can learn more about the product and providing the targeted page URL. This statement is usually featured after the opening paragraph.

 Tips For A Great Product / Service Comparison Press Release

  • Clarify how a competitor’s product measures up against your company’s and how your product fulfills a need better than other options.
  • Focus on why customers have chosen the product and why they will continue.
  • Explain the reasons why your company is proud to offer this product as an extension of its mission to serve customers.

After introducing the topic and linking to the targeted page, the release should go into the details of who is buying and using the product and why. Explaining this is to show the product’s value meaningfully to a potential buyer and user.

Sharing what customers appreciate about the product is also essential. This can be done by summarizing reviews or giving a consensus of positive feedback.

All this information can be put in the context of how the product outshines the competitors and what makes customers switch to your company and stay there when they need a superior solution.


The reasons why your company chooses to offer this product can also be emphasized, as this is part of communicating its overall mission to serve a marketplace in a way that cannot be easily surpassed.

Including a quote from someone within the company is a press release standard. This particular type of release would ideally be from someone who works with customers and is familiar with their experience with the product or who plays a role in the product’s design, distribution, or marketing. Their name and title should be specified along with the statement.

Need Answers Before Writing A Comparison Press Release

This press release compares and contrasts a company's products with a competitor's. The questions below need to be answered and placed in a document for a person to write a release. By clicking on any of the questions below, you will see sample answers for each. These answers were used in a fictitious press release located below the questions.

Competing Product Comparison Press Release Sample From Answers

How To Write A Competing Product Comparison Press Release sample

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