How To Write A Press Release For An Event

Whether it’s up and coming or has recently passed, attending a professional or industry-specific event shows that your company is active in the markets it serves.


This type of release can be used to promote an appearance at a convention, trade show, expo, seminar, or similar event.

Whether your company is playing a significant role—such as participating in a forum or giving a presentation—or simply attending, this can be news worth sharing and a means of connecting your brand with notable happenings.

Why Write A Professional Event Press Release?

  • Announcing participation in professional events boosts your company’s authority and reputation.
  • Being an active player in a professional gathering means that your company is a more informed and capable solutions provider.
  • It’s an opportunity to show future customers that your company is invested in learning, growing, and connecting.
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What Should A Professional Event Or Conference Press Release Say?

An event or conference release should drive home the message of your company’s active role in its industry. There is likely an excellent reason why your company took the time to attend and participate. This release is an opportunity to share those reasons.


In most cases, professional events are a chance to learn something, create connections, and gain insights. These hold value for virtually any type of business. Participating in these events is another way of saying, "We care about what's going on." Sharing that with your readers is essential for building your company's authority, reputation, and brand.

Creating A Professional Event Or Conference Press Release

Regardless of the type of event or conference, a release on this topic should include some key details. This includes your company name and its website, as well as any page that should be targeted.

The release should link directly to its landing page if the event is related to a specific product, service, or solution your company offers. This is usually done at the end of the introductory paragraph with a statement that invites the reader to learn more about the solution, followed by the URL.

The release should then provide details on the event itself. Including the official name, the organizing body or sponsor, its location, and when it was/will be held.

The event’s overall purpose and topic should be explained. Any special programs, panels, forums, or activities and their hosts or presenters can also be highlighted.

how to write a press release for an event example

Tips For A Great Professional Event Press Release

  • Emphasize that attending this event will improve your company’s knowledge and capabilities
  • Discuss your company’s motivations for attending the event
  • Include some of the specific activities or panels your company is participating in

Once your reader is given an overview of the event, details on why and how your company will participate can be shared. This might include the individuals who will be attending and their roles. A direct quote from one or more of these professionals should also be included.

Through all of this information, you're letting your reader know why your company sees participating in this event as necessary. This can speak to how your organization is a relevant and active player in a professional gathering and how it is a more informed and capable solutions provider.

Lastly, it's customary to encourage the reader to reach out to or learn more about your company by directing them to visit your company's website or providing them with contact information.

Questions That Must Be Answered Before Writing An Event PR

This release aims to publicize participation in an industry event, such as a convention, trade show, or conference. Before the writing process can begin, you must gather some information first.

Below are questions that need to be answered and placed in a document for a person to write a release. By clicking on any of the questions below, you will see sample answers for each. These answers were used in a fictitious sample event press release below the questions.

Event Press Release Example Based Off Of The Above Answers

How To Write A Professional Event Or Conference Press Release

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