How To Write A Guest Appearance Press Release

Someone from your company has recently appeared to give a talk at an industry panel, take part in an interview, conduct a webinar, appear as a guest on a podcast, or otherwise participate in a publicized activity or event.

Regardless of the specifics, you’ll want to maximize the impact of this appearance or publication as it can build your brand’s authority, capture more attention from the marketplace, and attract prospective customers.


Creating and distributing a press release for publication that shares the news of this appearance is a great marketing opportunity. It can also be effective for generating more views, shares, and engagement on whatever media your company has created or contributed to.

Apart from increasing views and clicks, broadcasting your company’s participation in some form of media or event shows that it’s active and respected. This reflects favorably on your brand and will be notable to buyers and trend watchers in your industry.

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What Should A Recent Publication/Appearance Press Release Say?

A recent publication or appearance press release encourages the reader to learn more about the development and engage with the media, whether it’s a video, article, podcast episode, etc.


The release should encourage readers to learn more by naming key points discussed or presented. This doesn’t have to be a complete summary or breakdown. Instead, the highlights can be catered to whatever the targeted market and ideal reader finds most attractive.

Why Write A Recent Publication Press Release?

  • Generate more views, shares, and engagement on the media your company has created or contributed to
  • Build brand authority and capture more attention from your marketplace
  • Show that your company is an active and respected industry player

Ultimately, the release's content should be focused on boosting the reader's excitement while directing them to engage with whatever published media.

Creating A Recent Appearance Press Release

When creating the recent publication/appearance press release, the essential details will include your company name, website, and targeted page.

The release’s targeted page should be most relevant to its topic and marketing goals, such as a product landing page, download host, or webinar playback. A URL to this page and a simple statement directing the reader to learn more about it are typically featured after the introductory paragraph.


The details of the publication or appearance should be explained, including the title or name of the publisher, host, event, or venue, as well as the name or title of the specific article, video, webinar, panel, episode, etc. The names of fellow presenters and participants should be included, along with any notable credentials or qualifications they hold.

How To Create A Great Recent Publication Press Release

  • Provide a concise and compelling overview of whatever was discussed
  • Encourage readers to learn more by naming some of the key points that were discussed or presented
  • Direct the reader to engage with whatever media was published

The release should provide a concise and compelling overview of whatever was discussed and a few key details to generate interest. The reasons why your company was invited or chose to participate can also be explained.


The representatives or participants from your company should be defined, along with their qualifications, title, and how long they’ve been associated with it. Ideally, the release should include a quote from that person, possibly describing the experience or reiterating whatever was discussed.

Before the release ends, it should inform the reader how they can read, watch, listen, or engage. The conclusion can also include your company’s website URL or contact information so the reader can submit questions.

Need Answers Before Writing An Appearance Press Release

This release aims to publicize recently published articles, videos, and audio and let readers know where they can find that media. Below are questions that need to be answered and placed in a document for a person to write a release. By clicking on any of the questions below, you will see sample answers for each. These answers were used in a fictitious release located below the questions.

Press Release Sample For An Appearance Based Off Of Questions

How To Write A Recent Publication Appearance Press Release sample

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