How To Write A New Employee Press Release

When your company takes on a new team member, you have news worth sharing. A new employee shows that your company is growing and adding talent that increases its ability to offer solutions.


A release is a chance to introduce a recent hire, make them feel valued, and showcase the skill and professionalism they’ll bring to your organization. This news is also a good branding and reputation-building opportunity, showing that your company is desirable to work and contribute to.

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What Should A New Employee Press Release Say?

An employee release is a great way to communicate that your company is actively attracting and acquiring new talent. It should emphasize your company’s drive to stay competitive and serve its customers by building the right team.

If your company has been in business for years or decades, publicizing a new hire shows that it’s keeping current and continues to be an attractive workplace.

The Value Of A New Employee Press Release

  • A chance to introduce your recent hire and make them feel valued
  • Portrays your company as a desirable place to work and contribute
  • Shows your company is building a capable and talented team

If your company is relatively young or consists of a small team, publicizing a new hire can attract the attention of your marketplace and show that your organization is competitive and growing.

Creating A New Employee Press Release

A new employee release should include details that show what your new hire brings to your organization, why it matters, and what it means for serving your customers.


Standard details include your company name and its website URL. The name of the new hire, their role and department, and the date they’ll be joining the team should also be included.

Tips For A Great New Employee Press Release

  • Focus on how your new team member will contribute to your company’s overall mission to serve its customers
  • Emphasize your new employee’s talents and qualifications
  • Mention some of the duties and challenges your new hire will be confronting

Your new employee’s qualifications and area of expertise are worthy of attention. These details are essentially an extension of your company’s capabilities and indicate what your company values in a team member.

This can be expanded upon by explaining what went into the hiring decision and why this candidate outshined all other applicants.

How To Write A New Employee Press Release 2

The release should include a quote from the new employee with their thoughts on joining the company. This should be accompanied by a quote from someone within the company and their name and title.

The new hire’s duties and challenges can also be addressed. This doesn’t have to be as detailed as a task list or amount to any internal information, but it can be enough to show that this new team member will be better at enabling your company to do what it does.

The new employee announcement press release should direct the reader to learn more about your company’s team and what they do by visiting your company’s website.

Answers Needed Before Writing A New Employee Press Release

The purpose of this release is to publicize a new team member and what they'll bring to an organization. It doesn't matter if you or someone will be writing the release. Below are questions that need to be answered and placed in a document for a person to write a disclaimer. By clicking on any of the questions below, you will see sample answers for each. These answers were used in a fictitious release located below the questions.

New Employee Press Release Example Based Off Of The Above Answers

How To Write A New Employee Press Release

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