How To Write An Internship Press Release

If your company offers a new internship or similar opportunity, it’s a development worth broadcasting for many reasons. Publishing a release is an effective way of gaining as much notice as possible to broaden the pool of applicants and increase your company’s prospects of finding the right intern.


By offering an internship, your company creates opportunities for new team members to learn and grow. Sharing this news is a chance to highlight what your company does and how it can benefit someone in building their skills and moving along a career path. In addition to catching the attention of potential interns, a new internship press release can reach professionals who follow your industry and its hiring trends.

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What Should A New Internship Press Release Say?

A new internship release will usually focus on the opportunity at your company, what it will entail, and why potential interns should apply. The release can include some of the details from the internship posting. Still, it’s also an opportunity to fully explain the benefits of connecting with your company and the skills one can gain through this internship.


Why Write A New Internship Press Release?

  • Get more notice to broaden the pool of applicants.
  • Highlight what your company does and how it’s beneficial to someone building their skills.
  • Reach professionals who follow your industry and its hiring trends.

Overall the release should make the internship opportunity sound desirable to your company’s ideal applicant while also providing a clear picture of why your company is interested in welcoming an intern.

Creating An Announcement For An Internship Press Release

Standard details, including your company’s name, website, and targeted page, should be defined when creating a release. The targeted page for this type of release can be your company website's opportunities/jobs page or another landing page closely related to the prospective internship. A statement directing the reader to find out more, followed by the page’s URL, should be added after the release’s introductory paragraph.

How To Create A Great New Internship Press Release

  • Explain the benefits of connecting with your company and the skills the new intern will gain
  • Include the reasons why your company is ready to welcome a new intern
  • Give a positive and honest impression about what to expect when being an intern at your company

The press release should specify the role's name and what will be involved or expected of the selected intern. The reasons why your company has opened up this opportunity and how it fits into your standard operations should also be explored.


If the intern operates in a specific department or capacity, the release should consider its impact on your company’s overall operations or mission. This can help the reader and potential applicants understand that the internship is significant to your company and more than just an opportunity to gain experience in a professional environment.


The release should give the applicants a positive but honest impression about what to expect when performing as an intern at your company. This is an excellent opportunity, along with the details of how many interns will be selected when the internship starts and how long it lasts. The eligibility/application requirements should be specified.

A quote from someone within your company that emphasizes why this is a great opportunity should be added. That individual’s name and professional title should be included as well.

Answers Needed Before Writing An Internship Press Release

The purpose of this release is to publicize a new internship or opportunity offered by the company. Below are questions that need to be answered and placed in a document for a person to write a release. By clicking on any of the questions below, you will see sample answers for each. These answers were used in a fictitious press release located below the questions.

Sample Internship Press Release Based Off Of Questions

How To Write A New Internship Press Release sample

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