How To Write A New Product Press Release

Your company is expanding its offerings by launching a new product or service. This exciting news should be shared with as much of your marketplace as possible.


To generate buzz about the new product or service, your company must communicate essentials like when it will be available and how buyers can get it. But more than that, it will need to drive home the message of why someone needs this new offering and why your company is the optimal source for it.

There are many different avenues for connecting your company with prospective customers who need this new solution. A press release for a new product is just one, but it’s an excellent opportunity to catch the attention of prospective buyers and people who watch and report on trends in your industry.

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What Should A Product/Service Launch Press Release Say?

A product launch press release can serve as an essential element in a promotional campaign, but more than that, it’s a chance to tell the story of why and how your company came to offer this new solution.

Offering a new product or service requires careful planning and consideration. It also shows that your company is looking for ways to grow and provide more solutions.


As the new product/service is introduced, it’s a chance to explain how your company is paying attention to the markets it currently serves and has the potential to. Products and services fill a need, and this release is a chance to position your company as the crucial link between a requirement and a solution.

Why Write A New Product / Service Press Release?

  • Connects your company with prospective customers who need the new solution
  • A chance to explain how your company is paying attention to the needs of a marketplace
  • Position your company as the crucial link between a requirement and a solution

Creating A Product Or Service Launch Press Release

A release sharing news of a product or service launch will require basic details, including your company’s name, website, and targeted page.

The targeted page will likely be the landing page for the new product or service. After the introductory paragraph, a statement directing the reader to learn more about the solution and the URL of the targeted page should be added before delving into the news.


The release should thoroughly explore the details of the new product and service, including its name, type, the purpose it serves, the features and advantage it will deliver, and to whom.

Who will be buying and using the product, and the sensibilities of their marketplaces, will be essential to focus on as that is the release’s target audience.

Apart from introducing and explaining the significance of the new product or service, the release should provide the reader with details on what led to its development of it. This information should answer why your company has decided to offer this new solution and why it’s uniquely qualified to do so.

How To Create A Great Product Launch Press Release

  • Focus on who will be buying and using the product/service and their sensibilities
  • Explain why someone needs this new offering and why your company is the optimal source for it
  • Mention some specific problems that will be solved by buying the new product or service

It’s also important to name some specific problems prospective customers can solve by buying your company's new product or service. How it will positively impact them after purchasing should also be explained.

Suppose the reader should take a unique call to action, such as downloading a sales brochure, scheduling a consultation, or submitting a preorder. In that case, the release should specify the date the new offering will be or was made available.


A quote from someone within your company, whether they are your CEO, the leader of the team in charge of the new rollout, or another key player in the development, should be included. Their name and professional title should accompany the quote.

As the release is concluded, readers should be provided with contact information or your company’s website to learn more and connect if they choose.

Need Answers Before Writing A Product Press Release

The purpose of this release is to publicize the launch of a new product or service. Below are questions that need to be answered and placed in a document for a person to write a release. By clicking on any of the questions below, you will see sample answers for each. These answers were used in a fictitious press release located below the questions.

Press Release Example For New Product Based Off Of Questions

How To Write A New Product Press Release sample

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