How To Write A New Partnership Press Release

If your company has partnered with another organization to expand your capabilities, reach a new marketplace, or gain another benefit, you’ll want to spread the word about this development. A new partnership, whether temporary or long-term, sends the message that your company is worth collaborating with and is actively making moves to grow and serve more customers.


Apart from your audience of current and prospective customers, a new partnership is big news for trend watchers in your industry. Gaining their attention is an excellent way to build up your brand and get more people talking about your company and what it’s doing.

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What Should A New Partnership Press Release Say?

A partnership release is an opportunity to share details on a collaboration between your company and another. It allows you to show why it’s significant to your customers and marketplace.

The impact can vary greatly depending on the nature of the partnership itself. Will it mean that your company is offering a new product or service through a special license or agreement with a manufacturer?


Will it mean that you’ll be extending your offerings or methods to meet the needs of new customers? Will this major merger mean your company and its new partner will become integral to one another’s operations?

The Value Of A New Partnership Press Release

  • Shows that your company is worth collaborating with and is actively making moves to grow and serve more customers
  • A chance to explain the impact of the partnerships to a current or new marketplace
  • An opportunity to tell the story of what led to the decision to work with a new partner and what it means for the future

Use this release to explain why this movement matters, what led to the decision, and what it means for the future. While it can be tempting to promote the news, keep in mind that a partnership indicates the mutual value of working together. The release is a chance to emphasize that value in a way that will appeal to present and future customers.


Perhaps your production capabilities, the expertise of your engineering team, or your excellent reputation serving a specific industry were why your partner company wanted to move forward with this arrangement.

Alternatively, maybe you sought a partner company to start offering new solutions to your existing marketplace. In either case, it’s a chance to connect your company name with positive and meaningful developments.

Creating A New Partnership Press Release

Although the details will vary based on the type of partnership and your desired audience, some essential information should be included in this release. First, you must establish critical details about your company, including its name, website, founding date, the markets it serves, and overall mission.


A targeted page should also be selected. This may be a landing page dedicated to the partnership or a relevant offering. A URL to this page is usually added at the end of the first paragraph, along with a statement directing the reader to learn more.

The new release should also include essential information about the partnering company, including its name, the type of company, its founding date, the markets it serves, and its mission.

Tips For A Great New Partnership Press Release

  • Please explain how this new partnership will impact customers so they know what to expect.
  • Discuss the motivations behind the decision to proceed with the partnership
  • Include quotes from someone within your company and someone from the partnering company that emphasize the mutual benefits

Once both companies are introduced, the nature of the partnership should be shared. This can be an overview of why it was established and what it will consist of. An overview of the mutual benefits and goals should also be provided.

Most releases will include a quote from someone within the company; This release is no exception. Additionally, it should consist of a statement from the partnering company. Both sections should cite the speaker's name and their professional role or title.


To close, the company’s website or contact information should be shared, along with an invitation to submit questions or learn more. This is especially important for a new release, as media and industry bloggers may want to report on this news. Giving them an easy means to get answers and further details is favorable for branding and marketing.

Questions Must Be Answered Before Writing A Partnership PR

This release aims to publicize a new partnership with another company and explain how it will benefit customers. 
It doesn't matter if you or someone will be writing the release. Before that process can start, you must gather some information first. By clicking on any of the questions below, you will see sample answers for each. These answers were used in a fictitious release located below the questions.

Partnership Press Release Sample Based Off Of The Above Questions

How To Write A New Partnership Press Release

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