How To Write A Product’s Interesting Facts Press Release

Even the most essential products and services have unique attributes that can be quickly taken for granted. These little-known and interesting facts can be compelling to buyers, and there’s no one better to highlight them than a knowledgeable seller.

You identify and explain interesting facts about a product or service that effectively connects your company and brand with that offering. This means that people searching for that product or service will be more likely to encounter your company as a source of information.


Sharing interesting facts about a product or service can be done through a press release. This type of release can be appropriate for a product or service that your company may have recently debuted or regularly receives questions about.

Issuing this type of release is a suitable method for boosting your company’s relevance in a marketplace and can effectively capture the attention of prospective customers and trend watchers in your industry.

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What Should A Product Or Service Facts Release Say?

This release will provide readers with exciting or little-known facts about a product or service and explain why they matter. It’s a means of showcasing a solution while helping prospective buyers to become more informed.


The release should present relevant facts to a targeted marketplace and customers. This means that the given information shouldn’t be excessively technical if the press release’s audience has a very surface-level understanding of the offering and its purpose. The goal is to expand their knowledge but not to overwhelm them with details that aren’t useful or relevant to their experience.

Why Write A Product/Service Interesting Facts Press Release?

  • Portray your company as a knowledgeable authority on a solution
  • Boost your company’s relevance in a marketplace
  • Help prospective buyers to become more informed

The release can also focus on your company’s role in providing the product or service, especially if it has developed that solution or chooses to offer it based on unique capabilities or qualifications. The more your brand can be tied to the buyer’s purchasing and user experience, the more influential the release will be as a marketing tool.

Creating An Interesting Facts Press Release

When creating the press release, the most basic details include your company name, website, and a targeted page or URL. The targeted URL should be content that is most relevant to the product or service, such as a landing page or online brochure. A statement directing the reader to learn more, along with the URL, should be added after the introductory paragraph.


The release will need to provide specifics on the product or service, including its name, type, and purpose it serves. The targeted marketplace and general information on who is buying and using the product or service should also be defined.

Once the rudimentary info about the offering has been established, the unique and interesting facts should be detailed, and their significance should be explained. Any common misconceptions or mistakes people make when buying the product or service can be addressed.

How To Create A Great Product/Service Interesting Facts Press Release

  • Focus on your company’s role in providing the product or service, including its unique capabilities and qualification
  • Address common misconceptions or mistakes people make when buying the product or service
  • Give recommendations on how buyers can get more from their purchases.

Recommendations on what a buyer should look for and how they can get more from their purchase can also be provided. Readers who wish to be more innovative, savvier consumers will find this information compelling. Sharing it can help improve your company’s reputation and authority regarding this offering.

Why your company is the best possible source of the product or service should be explained. A quote from someone within your organization, along with their name and professional title, can be used to reinforce your company’s value to its customers when they need the offering.


Need Answers Before Writing A Product Facts Press Release

This release aims to share essential and interesting facts about a specific product or service and showcase a company's ability to advise buyers. Below are questions that need to be answered and placed in a document for a person to write a release. By clicking on any of the questions below, you will see sample answers for each. These answers were used in a fictitious press release located below the questions.

Sample Facts Press Release Based Off Of Questions

How To Write A Product Service Interesting Facts Press Release sample

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