How To Write A Product Upgrade Press Release

A product upgrade is essential news for current and potential customers in your marketplace. Your audience will want to know about enhancements to something they may need or already use.

Why Product Upgrade Press Release

Apart from inviting them to take advantage, broadcasting this development shows that your company is actively innovating and realizing improvements to serve your marketplace better.

Writing a product upgrade press release and publishing it also builds your company’s brand recognition. Professionals who follow trends in your industry will be more likely to take notice, and that’s important for maintaining and growing your company’s reputation.

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What Should A Product Upgrade Press Release Say?

In the release itself, take the opportunity to explain why your company decided to upgrade this particular product.

There’s almost always room for improvement, but taking steps to realize an enhancement requires a lot of thought and effort. This release is a chance to tell the story of what led to that decision and what needed to happen to make it a reality.

Product Upgrade Press Release

This Press Release Should:

  • Highlight Specific Features
  • Explain What They Do
  • What Are Their Benefits
  • What Is Their Advantage
  • And What It Will Mean To Them

Readers will want to know what sets this upgrade apart from previous versions.

As you tell the story of what led to this development, it’s also a chance to showcase what has always worked on the product.

Time to Write a Product Upgrade Press Release

This type of release is a good place to reiterate what has always made this product great and why it was worth an upgrade instead of a replacement.

The release should also be forward-looking, giving readers a sense that your company will continue to prioritize improvement and meet the needs of the markets it serves. This shows that it’s responsive and capable of creating a powerful impression.

What Should A Product Upgrade Press Release Say

Creating A Product Upgrade Press Release

To write a press release about a product upgrade, the foundational details must include your company's name, website, and the most relevant page to the promotion.

The targeted page will likely be that product's landing page.

Foundation For A Product Upgrade Press Release

In addition to naming the product itself and what it does, the type of person most likely to buy or use the upgraded product should be identified.

It will be essential to explain why the product has been upgraded or improved and then identify the specific features and why they’re crucial.

Product Upgrade PR Persona

Adding a quote from someone within the company shows the significance of the development and helps the audience connect with your brand. This doesn’t necessarily need to be a quote from your CEO; it can simply be a statement by someone who may have had a direct role in the news, such as the head of the design department or the lead engineer.

Quote For Product Upgrade Press Release

In closing, it’s essential to give the reader something to look forward to for the future and provide them with a reason to follow your company for upcoming developments and solutions.

This is accomplished by making a statement or two on what’s next. This can be directly related to the rollout of the new upgrade or other solutions that are on the horizon.

Future Product Upgrade

Finally, the press release should end with a call to action. This tells the reader what to do when they would like to learn more about the upgrade. Traditionally, it directs them to contact the company for additional details, followed by contact information or a website URL.

Questions To Be Answered Before Writing A Product Upgrade PR

By clicking on any of the questions below, you will see sample answers for each. These answers were used in a fictitious press release located below the questions.

It doesn't matter if you or someone will be writing the release. Before that process can start, you must gather the below information first.

Product Upgrade Press Release Based Off Of The Above Answers

How To Write A Product Upgrade Press Release

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