How To Write A Q&A Video Press Release

Question-and-answer videos are always in demand online. Viewers are eager to get valuable information from knowledgeable and trustworthy sources. Your company can boost its recognition and authority by providing answers in this easily sharable and digestible content.

If it has recently created and released a video that addresses a standard question, you’ll want to spread the word about this development.

A press release that reports on your company’s latest Q&A video can help it reach more viewers and build positive impressions of your brand as a source of solutions—not just in the form of products and services but also sought-after information.

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What Should A Q&A Video Press Release Say?

A video release’s primary purpose is to let prospective viewers know where to find your company’s new video and explain why they should watch it. This is achieved by sharing essential details on the video, including the question addressed.


If the video answers a question that your company is often asked directly, this can be addressed in the release. If there’s another reason why your company felt compelled to answer this particular question, the release can also explain this.

Why Write A Q&A Video Press Release?

  • Build positive impressions of your brand as a source of solutions
  • Show why your company is uniquely qualified to provide answers
  • Generate excitement to gain more views, subscribers, and engagement

The release can serve as an opportunity to emphasize why your company is uniquely qualified to provide answers. It can highlight your company’s qualifications to address the needs of a marketplace through its expertise in addition to its offerings.

Creating A Q&A Video Press Release

A video release should provide details that include your company name, website, and the markets it serves. It should also give an overview of the video itself. This will consist of the video title, the name of the website or platform where it can be viewed, along with the exact URL to the video.

A prompt encouraging the reader to view the video should be included with this information. These details will typically be featured after the release’s opening.

How To Create A Great Q&A Video Press Release

  • Explain what your prospective viewers can learn by watching the new video
  • Share the reasons why your company is a trustworthy source of information
  • Highlight your company’s commitment to addressing the needs of a marketplace

The release can give the reader a preview of the question that’s answered. It can also share why your company is a trustworthy source for information on this topic and the type of viewers most interested in learning about them.


Need Answers Before Writing A Q&A Video Press Release

The purpose of this release is to publicize the release of a new question-and-answer video. Below are questions that need to be answered for a person to write the release. By clicking on any of the questions below, you will see sample answers for each. These answers were used in a fictitious press release located below the questions.

Q&A Video Press Release Example Based Off The Above Questions

How To Write A New Q&A Video Press Release sample

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