If you are to choose, which manufacturing company workforce would you like to be part of?

As the manufacturing sector steadily glides back to a better economic position, there are a number of them that are considered to be great workplaces in the industry. Surprisingly, energy companies showed remarkable ratings given the recent drop in oil prices. It sure does speak a lot about how commitment to workplace culture ensures employee loyalty.

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Great Workplaces In The Manufacturing Sector
Based on a survey done by the premiere workplace review site, Great Rated! on 1000 employees aimed at identifying the top manufacturing companies in the industry which employees find to be a great workplace. The survey results showed that workers at the oil and gas producers, food manufacturers, automotive distributors, and medical device makers value the company’s commitment to:

  • Job training and development
  • Workplace safety
  • Profit-sharing
  • Keeping work-life balance

Oil And Gas Company: Hilcorp
Topping the list is Hilcorp, a company engaged in oil and gas exploration based in Houston. Hilcorp has set “dream 2015” goals which the company targets to achieve before next year, which include doubled daily production, reserves, and equity value over the past 5 years. If these goals are achieved, each employee of Hilcorp will be rewarded with $100,000 cash.

Other benefits include:

  • Up to 6% of employee contributions to 401k plans is matched by Hilcorp
  • It covers 85% of health care costs for employees and 77% for dependents
  • Allows workers to invest in fields it buys

When routine goals are achieved, Hilcorp managers give away $100 bills, gift cards, and T-shirts. Employees are given the chance to make money as long as they work hard and invest correctly. Employees feel they are valued and are part of something bigger.

Credit: The weatherman1980

Medical Device Maker: Stryker
With a total of 21, 861 employees, this medical device maker made sure their employees know their top five skills through an online “strengths finder” survey which allows employees to determine their talents. More than just producing implants, surgical equipment, and navigation systems, endoscopic and communication systems, and other radio frequency-based medical devices, the company has generously provided workers with an average of 115 hours of training every year.

The company also takes pride in supporting the professional development of employees by offering a mini-MBA for mid-level managers desiring to climb the corporate ladder. A vacation donation program allows some employees to reallocate their time off to other co-workers in times of need.

An employee with a medical emergency received over a dozen weeks of vacation from other co-workers. Stryker is also an active donor to charity (donated more than $27 million to charity in 2014) and providing devices and equipment to humanitarian efforts. Employees are happy and satisfied with their internal mobility which means an employee can assume different roles confidently as the company not only invests in their products but more in their employees.

Oil and Gas Company: Devon Energy  
This oil and gas giant based in Oklahoma City is known to pass handsome rewards to employees. In the 50-story tower in Oklahoma City, which is the company’s headquarters, employees are provided with:

  • A subsidized cafeteria
  • A car wash
  • An onsite medical clinic
  • A gelato shop
  • 2 fitness centers
  • Classroom courses and e-learning by Cornell University
  • Guidance resources
  • Support hotline for employees and family members

Employees take pride in the company’s name and feel they are part of something big, and making a difference in the local economy and the community in general.

Medical Device Maker: Arthrex
This leading orthopedic medical device manufacturer based in Florida has over 3,000 employees who enjoy numerous benefits from the company including:

  • 100% coverage of employees’ monthly premiums on medical and dental and 50% for dependents
  • Reimbursement of gym memberships
  • On-site medical facilities
  • Free lunch catering supervised by an executive chef
  • Paid vacation and 40 hours of extra paid time off if the 5-year milestone is achieved
  • Founder’s ranch in Montana is made available for employees and their families as a getaway
Employees enjoy lunch catering supervised by an executive chef.

Employees of Arthrex exhibit a true sense of team spirit and collaboration to achieve goals. Employees support each other and are happy coming to work every day.

Materials-Based Manufacturer: W L Gore and Associates
This company manufactures products derived from fluoropolymers. The more popular products include the waterproof Gore-Tex fabrics. The company has leaders in lieu of managers or supervisors. Every employee has a sponsor, advocate and coach all rolled in one person.

The company subsidizes 85% of health care costs for both employees and their dependents. Employees can do a day of volunteer work for which the company will pay for the time off. The company offers an attractive stock ownership plan which allows associates to receive 12%-of-pay contribution after rendering one year of service to the company.  The company’s strength is in encouraging employees to find their comfortable and suitable spot within the organization. It’s about improving the company and the employee.

Where would you want to work?

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  1. For those who think “culture change” is just some buzzword, research shows culture actually affects profits. A lot. As much as half of operating profit can be attributed to a company’s culture. Organization culture is not a soft concept. Its impact on profit can be measured and quantified. Experts have found that as much as half of the difference in operating profit between organizations can be attributed to effective cultures. Why? Well, for example, engaged managers and employees are much more likely to remain in an organization, leading directly to fewer hires from outside the organization.

  2. No wonder the employees of these companies enjoy going to work. I’m sure many people wish they could enjoy such perks like catered lunches and things that promote a stress free atmosphere. I agree that a happy work place makes the employees better workers and harder workers. I never heard of these companies. I was thinking that these companies were going to be Zappos and Google and other well known brands.

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