There are a number of different apps being developed for iPhone, Android, and other devices that would enable users to get a blood pressure reading by holding their finger to the phone or tablet’s camera or screen. Some blood pressure apps in development are working on a way to get a blood pressure reading from certain metrics that can be read from a person’s face when they use their mobile camera.


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Currently, there is no FDA-approved blood pressure app that can provide blood pressure tracking as accurately as a blood pressure cuff. App developers and cardiologists are still working together to create a solution that would enable individuals to accurately monitor their blood pressure at home. Some blood pressure apps claim that they can deliver blood pressure readings using a phone, but this capability has not been achieved yet.

How To Check Your Blood Pressure Without A Machine

To check blood pressure without a machine or an automated cuff, you will need to use a manual blood pressure cuff that has a sphygmomanometer. You will also need a stethoscope and have your normal blood pressure numbers available. With your arm in a relaxed position and resting on a level surface, place the cuff over your bicep. Inflate the cuff until the sphygmomanometer shows a level between 20 and 30 mm Hg over your normal blood pressure numbers.

Then, place the stethoscope on the interior of your elbow and allow the cuff to slowly deflate. Through the stethoscope, you should hear a rush as the blood resumes its normal flow. As this is heard, take note of the number on the sphygmomanometer. This is your systolic blood pressure reading. Continue to listen as the cuff deflates. When the rhythm stops, take note of the new reading on the sphygmomanometer. This is your diastolic blood pressure.

Finding A Blood Pressure Check Locally

Every day, people search “blood pressure check near me” to find a local resource for a blood pressure check. In addition to visiting your doctor’s office or walk-in clinics, most pharmacies, now have machines that will automatically check blood pressure and provide you with a reading in just a few minutes. If blood pressure needs to be checked often, there are mechanical blood pressure cuffs and meters that can be used at home, although their accuracy can vary.

Is A Finger Blood Pressure Monitor Reliable?

A finger blood pressure monitor is not yet a reliable method for obtaining a blood pressure reading. Most finger monitors are useful for measuring pulse and oxygen levels in the blood. Wrist blood pressure monitors are also less than ideal for measuring blood pressure. This is because the arteries in the upper arm provide a more accurate reading for determining systolic and diastolic blood pressure.

If you want to rely on a finger blood pressure monitor or a wrist blood pressure monitor to keep track of your blood pressure at home, it’s better to first see a doctor to get a base reading and bring the monitor with you to compare results for accuracy. This can help you determine just how reliable the device is,

Finding Blood Pressure Testing

Many people will search “blood pressure testing near me” to identify locations where they can get a blood pressure and cardiac health screening. Walk-in clinics, medical care facilities, and some pharmacies will offer resources for testing blood pressure, including automatic blood pressure cuffs that provide results in just a few minutes.

Finger Blood Pressure App

With the broadening capabilities of smartphones and mobile devices, many people are eager to gain better insight into their health. This has created a demand for a finger blood pressure app that delivers reliable readings by simply touching a phone’s camera or screen. Currently, biometric monitoring technology has not yet made it possible to get a reliably accurate reading of blood pressure through a smartphone app.

However, app developers and cardiologists are working on making such a solution a reality. The goal of a finger blood pressure app is to give users a quick and easy way to check their blood pressure with a touch and gain a valuable gauge on a vital health metric. Right now, tech companies must overcome current technological limitations to make a blood pressure app a reality.

Free Blood Pressure Check Machine And Health Screenings

When people search for a “free blood pressure check machine near me” they are usually led to a local pharmacy. Many pharmacies are now equipped with an automatic blood pressure monitoring system that enables people to walk in, slip their arm into an automatic cuff, and complete a blood pressure check in a few minutes.

In addition to relying on these free blood pressure monitoring machines, many walk-in clinics and wellness facilities will provide blood pressure screenings that are free of charge.

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