Plastic block construction is a growing trend in sustainable building materials. Waste plastic is collected, processed, recycled to create rigid bricks, planks, and other forms that can be used in conventional construction applications. A growing number of companies are exploring waste recycling methods that aim to reduce the amount of plastic that enters the environment and also create reliable and economical building materials. Plastic block construction has been proposed for use in all types of structures, including walls, fencing, and other structural elements.


ByBlock And The Blocker System

ByBlock is a construction material created by waste recycling company, ByFusion. They are made using the Blocker system, which is carried out through a combination of steam and compression. The result is a dense building material made from shredded waste plastic. ByBlocks are designed to interlock. They are stabilized with the addition of metal rods and pins.

They require no fillers, mortar, or adhesives. As a potential alternative to concrete cinder blocks, ByBlocks might offer some advantages by installing faster and with fewer labor demands. Plastic’s inherent resistance to moisture, insects, and cracking may make the ByBlock a more enduring building material in addition to being eco-friendly.

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Recycled Plastic Bricks For Structural Use 

Building material startups and waste recycling companies are exploring the use of waste plastic as a primary component of structural bricks. Used plastic has been shown to be a viable material for such purposes. Because plastic is fibrous, it can be compressed to form dense shapes that are suitable for structural applications. Plastic’s resistance to factors like moisture, insects, and certain chemicals can translate into construction bricks that are tougher than those made from concrete.


And since recycled plastic bricks can be formed and extruded into a variety of shapes, more interlocking configurations can be employed. This may allow for a reduction in labor and the use of fewer bonding materials, such as mortar or glue.

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Using Plastic Bricks For Houses 

Blocks and bricks made from construction plastic have been shown to be a strong and useful option for certain structures. A number of startups and recycling companies have created construction plastic bricks that are used for walkways, fencing, walls, and other structures.

Using plastic brick for houses is not as common, but new and experimental homes built from these materials are in the works. Building homes from plastic bricks could present a faster, simpler, and more eco-friendly solution for the future.

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