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Unleash the full potential of MAGODA – Our premium FactualPR - PR Writing & Distribution service brings your site to the next level! When your press release is published with MAGODA, you get indexed quickly, creating an extra layer of visibility and reach for your products and services. Follow the steps below to get started.

Professional Press Release Writing & Publishing Services | 8 Steps to Success

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Confirm Your Release Type

Explore the "Press Release Types" tab below to uncover the perfect release to fit your needs. We've made our offering affordable and packed with incredible value. To ensure a streamlined process and maximum efficiency, we only provide the most popular press release types.

Review Our Services

Unlock the potential of the "Press Release Offer" tab and discover the incredible opportunities available –from crafting an engaging press release to having it published and distributed, plus a promotional video and 9 banners to help spread the word about your release. Don't miss out!

It's Go Time!

Ready to take your business to the next level? Our expertise can help set you on the path to success with a powerful press release process. Unlock hidden potential and open the doors to exciting opportunities with our unique services – take the first step on the journey now by clicking this link!

Your Questionnaire

Congratulations! You've made it this far. Now it's time to double down and invest the effort in filling out the questionnaire for your press release. Then review it multiple times. This is a crucial step in the whole process, so take your time and don't rush it! Later on, you'll be thankful you did.

We Are On It

Now that you have finished the questionnaire, our team is hard at work crafting your press release, designing banner ads, recording the voiceover, and producing the promotional video. All this work should be completed in the next 4-5 business days, and then we'll need your approval. 

It's Time To Review!

We've worked tirelessly to create the perfect press release, banner ads, and video. Now comes the exciting part – it's time for you to review our hard work and give the final seal of approval. We know the results will be extraordinary. Let's get ready to be blown away!

Thank You For The Approval

It's time to take a well-deserved bow! You put in the hard work, filling out the questionnaire, which significantly paid off. You have a dazzling press release and marketing assets to show for it. Let's get it out there for the world to see!

It's Showtime!

We've published and distributed your press release, and given you all your marketing assets - applause, please! We've been honored to provide you with our services, and we can't wait to see the impact of your efforts. So stand up and take a bow - you deserve it!

We offer our FactualPR - PR Writing & Distribution package In 24 different types of releases tailored to suit a variety of business developments. We’ve narrowed our services to the most vital topics, so you’re guaranteed a streamlined process and the highest-quality results. You will get an impactful press release and the media tools to extend your reach even further. With us, you’ll always get more value for your investment.

This media includes:

  • An announcement video with a unique script, graphic, and voiceover narration
  • Banner ads in standard sizes for display advertising
  • Promotional and feed images designed for the most popular social media networks

At the start of our press release process, we use an in-depth questionnaire to gather the most important and relevant information about the topic. This questionnaire is invaluable for organizing and collecting the necessary data to make the press release successful.

We rely on the information you provide through this questionnaire to ensure our writers have all the necessary details. It's important that you take your time to carefully consider each of the questions so we can write an accurate and engaging piece.

Your responses are the driving force behind your press release's length, quality, and reader appeal. With each answer, you can craft an impactful, creative, and engaging piece of content that will grab your audience's attention.

Your press release's word count is determined by the answers you provide in our questionnaire. Typically, a press release is approximately 500-600 words in length.

Explore the press release template section to discover the pertinent questions for each type of release. Simply scroll down, select a type, and click the link to open the pdf document for more information.

Our talented writers blueprint your information into a clear, professional piece that captures your message. But more importantly, your answers provide the substance of the release and associated media, so it's essential to provide thoughtful, thorough responses!

Once your order has been processed, you'll be taken to our admin section to complete the questionnaire. Our system has been designed with you in mind, allowing you to save your work and come back to it when it's convenient for you.

Once you've finished and submitted your questionnaire, our professional writers take the reins. They use the information you've provided to create the perfect press release, complete with an attention-grabbing headline, an informative summary, and a succinct company bio/boilerplate. All the elements are composed to make an impact and ensure your message resonates with your target audience.

You can go to this section of the website, scroll down and select a press release type to see press release writing samples.

Our creative writers craft an announcement video script tailored specifically to your press release and company information. Let us provide you with a short and impactful video to help you get the word out about your news and attract readers. Utilize this to engage with your audience and make a statement.

Sample Of A New Product Press Release Script:
Clarence Power Tools merges automation and performance with a new self-aligning auto drill. The R-207U drill merges reliability and practicality with innovative smart technology. The new product comes directly from Clarence Power Tools, one of the U.S.’s leading hand-held tools and equipment manufacturers. Precision-engineered mechanics, tough materials, and the latest technology are combined to enable construction workers and builders to get their jobs done faster, easier, and better.

Sample Of A Product Comparison Press Release Script:
TechChek compares its Fortitude Portable Jump Starter to Spedrite Auto’s SR Power-Peak. The Fortitude surpasses the SR Power-Peak for its reduced weight, easy-to-read power indicator display, detachable cables, and single-hand operation. This development comes from TechChek, an automobile accessory, and driver gadget manufacturer that makes products for the modern driver, including many solutions that enable car owners to get more out of their vehicles and always enjoy the ride.

The video script is recorded by a professional voiceover artist. The audio track will used in your announcement video.

Sample Of A New Product Press Release Audio File

Sample Of A Product Comparison Press Release Audio File

Share your news with the world with a captivating announcement video! Our professional voiceover audio track and high-quality graphics create an immersive experience for viewers.
This video is for your promotions across social media and on your website for maximum impact. Don't miss out on the chance to get your news noticed with an announcement video! The video is not used in your press release, it's used to drive people to your release. 

Twenty-three stunning visuals will be crafted to promote your press release on various media sites. We've taken a high-quality, professionally-designed base image specific to a press release type and tailored it to different sizes and layouts for optimal display on popular social media networks and display ads. You'll use these banners on your social properties to promote your press release. They will not be used in your press release for distribution. 

Banner Ads In Popular Sizes
300 X 250 Ad Image
160 X 600 Banner Image
320 X 50 Banner Image
728 X 90 Leaderboard Banner
Facebook: 1200 X 1200 Post Image
Twitter: 1200 X 675 Promoted Tweet Image
Instagram: 1080 X 1080 Post Image & 1080 X 1920 Story Image
YouTube: 1920x1080 Video Thumbnail Image
LinkedIn: 1200 X 1200 Square Image

Sample Press Release Image:


We craft every press release with the utmost attention to detail and artistry, ensuring your release stands out from the pack.

After optimizing for SEO performance, we get your message out to a broad audience of 500 newsdesks, news portals, and broadcast media sites, thus granting brand visibility on some of the world's most authoritative news sites.

Not only does this give your release a greater chance to rank on Google, but it also provides an opportunity to drive qualified readers to your website.

You will be provided with a comprehensive report on distribution. This distribution report comes with clickable links to every site where your press release has been published.

Article Published Press Release

A new article press release is used to share the news that your company has recently published a recent article and gives readers a direct means to engage with your new content. It provides an overview of the article's content to encourage views and explains why your company wanted to offer this information.

Award Received Press Release

An award-received press release shares the news that an awarding organization has recognized your company. It discusses the details of the honor, including the nomination and winning criteria, how the award was accepted, and why your company earned this recognition.

Business Anniversary Press Release

A business anniversary press release will discuss the anniversary of the company's founding or other significant date related to the company. It tells the story of how an organization reached this special milestone.

Case Study/Survey Press Release

A case study/survey press release broadcasts the more significant findings from a case study or survey conducted by or on behalf of a company. It encourages readers to view your website's complete case study or survey.

Charitable Contribution Press Release

A charitable contribution press release shares the details of how your company contributed to a non-profit or philanthropic cause. It discusses the significance of that decision and what it says about your company.

Community Outreach Press Release

A community outreach press release discusses how your company participated in or contributed to a community outreach event, such as a local food or clothing drive, in-person fundraiser, or similar activity. It details why your company was motivated to participate and how it offered help.

Company Reputation Press Release

A company reputation press release examines how your past customers view your brand. It can be used to address positive or negative reviews and affirm your commitment to surpassing expectations in the future.

Competitor Comparison Press Release

A competitor comparison press release builds the case for why your company is the top choice in the marketplace compared to a specific provider. It is focused on what makes your company unique and why those attributes make it the better option.

Discontinued Product/Service Press Release

A discontinued product/service press release informs your marketplace that a product/service will no longer be available from your company and gives the reasons why. It also offers details on end-of-life options and can direct customers toward alternative options.

Event Conference Press Release

A professional event or conference press release shares the news of your company's recent or upcoming appearance at a convention, trade show, expo, seminar, or similar event. It will discuss the event's details and your company's reasons for participating.

Guest Appearance Press Release

A recent publication or appearance press release shares the news that your company has appeared on a news program, webinar, podcast, or other forms of media. It discusses some details and explains why your company chose to participate.

Interesting Product/Service Facts Press Release

An exciting product facts press release provides readers with interesting or little-known facts about a product or service and explains why they matter. The release focuses on features that are most relevant to a targeted marketplace.

New Capability Press Release

A new capability press release shares the news of new equipment, system, or other assets that will enable your company to do something different. It explains the significance of the capability and how it will allow your organization to serve its customers better.

New Employee Press Release

A new employee press release introduces a recent hire and details some skills they'll bring to your organization. It shares the news that your company is attracting and acquiring new talent.

New Internship Press Release

A new internship press release shares the news of a unique opportunity at your company. It explains the details of the internship, who should apply and how, and what a potential intern can gain by working with your team.

New Product/Service Press Release

A new product/service press release shares the details of a product's debut, including when it will be available and how buyers can get it. It will also explain why someone needs this new offering and why your company is the optimal source.

New Partnership Press Release

A new partnership press release shares the news of a collaboration between your company and another. It explains the significance of the partnership or joint venture to your marketplace.

New Accreditation Press Release

A new accreditation press release shares the news of qualifications or credentials your company has acquired, whether through one of your employees or as an organization overall. It discusses the standards your company has met and what that means for your customers.

Product/Service Origin Story Press Release

A product origin story press release explains how your company came to manufacture or sell a specific product. It details how and why your company delivers that product to the marketplace.

Product/Service Comparison Press Release

A competing product comparison press release examines how a competitor's product measures up against your company's. It looks at specific features of the product and aspects of the purchasing experience that build the case for your company being a better choice.

Product/Service Upgrade Press Release

A product upgrade press release provides details on an updated or upgraded version of an existing product. It explains the new features, what customers can gain when they choose this new option, and why your company introduced the upgrade.

Production Milestone Press Release

A production milestone press release spreads the news of a significant achievement, such as a new production quantity record. It discusses how this milestone was achieved, including the capabilities and practices that made it possible.

Program Participation Press Release

A program participation press release shares the news that your company has participated in a professional program, training, class, or exercise that improves its capabilities and strengthens its core values. It explains the details of the program itself and why your company chose to participate.

Question & Answer Video Press Release

A Q&A video press release shares the news that a video answering a common question is now available from your company. It gives readers an overview of the question, why your company wanted to address it, and what makes it qualified to provide answers.

Press Release Distribution Is About More Than Making The News

Press releases' marketing and conversion value has become increasingly apparent to all types of businesses. But when you utilize press releases to reach potential buyers, you have a series of choices.

Creating a press release is a complex task. It requires you to show both the personality of your company and the newsworthy information you have to share in a manner that is trustworthy for your readers. Crafting a press release that is both objective and engaging can be challenging but is essential for successful news dissemination.

How do you take care of all the elements that make your release stand out to prospective customers?

Once your press release is completed, published, and syndicated, is it more effective to share it with as many places as possible, but, you need media assets to do that.

Then what happens after your press release is available to readers? Do you have any control over its reach?

At MAGODA, we know how much time and money companies can waste when they don’t know how to answer these questions. That’s why we do things differently.

We’re not an ordinary public relations content generator or newswire service. Instead, we’re a publisher that’s focused on the quality and impact of the news you need to share.

The impression your press release has on its audience lays the foundation for your online visibility. That’s why the quality of a press release matters.

We’ve devoted hundreds of hours and thousands of words to helping people craft better content. We believe that when you have a message to share, you should be able to do so confidently.

But, even with these resources, most companies prefer to trust a professional, and that’s often a wise decision.

Apart from saving time, it makes especially good sense for press releases. This content must be objective, with an informed but outside-looking-in perspective that carries a trustworthy, journalistic tone.

In addition to meeting traditional journalistic standards, modern press releases need to satisfy new and changing criteria, which are directly connected to Google and other search engines.

Long before the press release reaches the point where it’s ready for publishing, it needs to account for all the ways content is indexed.

Keyword choice and usage, proper linking, length, and other factors are all integral to a press release’s visibility and relevance, especially over the long term. Google Search and Google News results are catered to the individual user’s search habits and behaviors. So keywords should not be overlooked when aiming to generate interest from a specific marketplace.

Excellent content writers and seasoned journalists will know how to cover news, but even these professionals may not know how to account for search engines and how they understand a press release.

This is where we offer something unique when companies call on us to take care of their press release content.

We’re balancing the requirements of your readers and future customers, as well as search engines, all the while saving you the time and stress of learning how to apply best press release practices when that’s not the business you’re in.

This extends from the composition of the press release to publishing, which makes or breaks the impact of your news.

Jason Robbins, Vice President of NexGen Enviro Systems, Inc.

We sell specialized recycling equipment and need to reach the right customers. MAGODA has helped us do this. They’ve created and published press releases that speak to our markets. The results of our marketing efforts with MAGODA have been more successful than we ever thought they could be.  I highly recommend working with MAGODA to any company looking to increase their brand recognition.

Steven Lippolis, VP of Superior Washer & Gasket Corp

As an American washer manufacturer, MAGODA has been an excellent place for us to get the word out on our stamping capabilities and vast inventory. We’ve released many press releases through their services and have been consistently pleased with the results. MAGODA will continue to be a vital part of our marketing plans.

Robert Ufer, President of Select Controls Inc.

MAGODA is our go-to press release service any time we need to share news about our company. They reliably write and publish press releases that broadcast our manufacturing services and switches to more people. MAGODA is always ready to help us get the word out on what we do.

Caden Zollo, VP of Specialty Bulb Co.

We have a lot of customers in a lot of different markets. Making sure they know about all the bulbs and lamps we sell is so important to our business. Putting out press releases through MAGODA lets us share our products with more people.

Donna Kirk of ARC Systems Inc.

Whenever someone needs electric motor manufacturing and parts, we always want to be the top choice. MAGODA has helped raise our profile with its press release services. They’re highly recommended for writing and publishing.

MediaDistributionX - Distribution Only

$99.00 per Release
  • You Upload Your Press Release
  • Up To 800 Word Count On Press Release
  • Can Include 1 Image
  • Can Include 1 Google Map Embed Code
  • Can Include 1 Video Embed Code
  • Can Include 3 Outgoing Links
  • We Distribute Your Release To 500 + Websites
  • Published Within 24 Hours - Excluding Weekends
  • Ability To Schedule Release Date
  • Includes Google News & Affiliate News Media Sites
  • Indexed In Major Search Engines
  • Inclusion In News Aggregators
  • Distribution Report With Live Links

FactualPR - PR Writing & Distribution

$295.00 per Release
  • We Write Your Press Release And Video Script
  • 500 + Word Count On Press Release
  • We Create Your Video Voiceover
  • We Create Your Announcement Video
  • We Create 9 Banners For Your Promotion
  • We Distribute Your Release To 500 + Websites
  • Includes Google News & Affiliate News Media Sites
  • Includes Marketwatch - 72.3 Million Visits Monthly
  • Includes Digital Journal - 986,000 Visits Monthly
  • Published In 4 to 5 Business Days
  • Distribution Report With Live Links

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