How To Make A Rebranding Press Release More Impactful

A press release enables readers to learn about a development from the people who are most qualified to tell the story. When a company decides to make a change that’s as significant as a rebrand, a press release provides a way to make it more meaningful to current and future customers.

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But your ability to reach and make an impact on your most desired audience depends on more than just your knowledge of how to write a press release. Doing that is comparatively easy, especially when you have access to tools like press release templates.

If you really want to make your rebranding press release matter, you’ll need to focus on details that your current and future customers care about. The following strategies will help you create a press release that gets your rebrand off to a meaningful start.

Rebranding Press Release Strategies

Consider The Goals Of Your Rebrand

Before you start your press release, make sure you’ve identified the goals of your rebrand. Is your company rebranding to update its look while its business model isn’t changing much, or it is a complete overhaul of products and services and a means of attracting new buyers?

The goals of your rebrand are important because they will determine how you frame your narrative.

If your company is simply changing the appearance of your brand to broaden its appeal, then your press release can discuss the motivations leading up to that change and also assure customers what will remain the same.

If your company is overhauling its functions and goals, then your rebranding press release will need to focus on what’s coming in a way that’s similar to a press release that publicizes a new product or service.

Put Past Lessons To Work

You can use your rebranding press release to tell the story of how your company came to this decision.

If your company is building on past successes and evolving, the press release can be an opportunity to explain that. If your company is rebranding to try a whole new direction, this can be a compelling narrative and a reason to discuss how past lessons will drive your company forward with the benefits of experience.

Support Customers Who Have Supported Your Company

Even though your company is focused on what’s new and changing, it’s important to support the people who enabled it to get to this point.

If relevant, make sure the press release specifies what customers need to know and how the rebrand will impact their experience. This can be handled in a similar manner as a press release that explains a product upgrade or discontinuation.

You do not need to discuss all the details in the press release itself, but providing a brief explanation for your loyal customers and a means for them to learn more will be helpful to past buyers. It will also leave them with a favorable impression and make them more open to what’s coming.

Give Readers A Reason To Come Along On Your Journey

Make sure your rebranding press release is catered to the interests and sensibilities of your ideal reader. The vast majority of your buyers are not going to be concerned with the internal decisions or motivations to profit from potential markets. However, new customers are going to be interested in the new solutions and experiences your company stands to offer with the rebrand.

You want to give press release readers a reason to follow your company as it realizes this new identity. Make sure to put your rebrand in the context of what it will mean to your new marketplace, and not just why your company decided to make this change.

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