How To Write A Press Release For A New Website

You’ve completed the hard work of creating and launching a new website. Now you want to make your efforts worthwhile by driving as much engagement as possible. Publicizing the development with a press release is an excellent way to do this.

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A new website press release is a simple but effective way of boosting traffic and attracting visitors. This type of press release is also useful for generating new views and return visits when you’ve recently completed a website redesign or added new features and content.

New website press releases are simple but they must still be skillfully crafted and structured. The goal is to compel a press release reader to move from the release itself directly to your new or redesigned website.

Leading with the right information and presenting it in a compelling manner, by accounting for what’s relevant to your targeted reader’s sensibilities is essential to gaining a positive response. Accomplishing this is not difficult, but you’ll want to keep a few things in mind before you get started.

What Should A New Website Press Release Say?

Any press release for a new website should include some essential details. Like all high-quality releases, the information should answer key questions. These are who, what, when, why, and where. It’s also a good idea to offer some details on how the development came to be.

When the development is the launch or redesign of a website, there are a few different things the reader will want to know. Start by clearly stating the name of the website in addition to the URL.

When introducing your website, you’ll want to accommodate various visitor behaviors. Some users may click on the URL directly in the press release and others may decide to search for it by name at a later time. This is why you’ll want to be equally clear with the brand or name of your website as well as a direct link.

A new website press release should give some background on why the website was built or redesigned, when it went live, and how you, your company, or the designer achieved the goals that were set during the planning stages of the project.

Although some background information is important, remember to keep the focus on the audience. In the case of a new website, the audience is the ideal website visitor.

Make sure you explain what a visitor will gain or how they will benefit from visiting your website. The goal is to intrigue the press release reader and motivate them to engage with your content.

Take some time to consider the main purpose of your website. Maybe it has an e-commerce feature, maybe it’s a means of connection between you and potential clients, maybe it offers information that keeps people coming back, etc. Whatever the case, you’ll want to identify its main appeal and purpose and emphasize it in your press release.

Make sure your press release also names the type of people or demographic who will be most interested in your content. Stating that your website is catered to their specific needs and wants will help readers understand its value and encourage them to engage.

Creating A Press Release For A New Website

When it comes to writing a press release for a new website, you’ll want to start by organizing all of your information. Create a simple outline or list of facts that denote the name and URL of the website, why it was created or redesigned, what visitors will find there, and the benefits it stands to offer to someone who engages with the content and features.

Once you have the most essential and interesting information associated with the development, the next part of the process is applying these details to a news release structure.

A few things to keep in mind are a press release’s tone and length. On average, a press release will be between 300 and 500 words depending on the amount of information that needs to be shared.

Press releases can be longer than this range as long as all of the details are concise and necessary. Remember, the goal is to cover the development so the reader comes away with a thorough understanding and is interested in learning more.

To gain and maintain credibility with your press release, the tone should be objective and professional. Even when the press release is written by the person responsible for the development, it should present the facts from an outside-looking-in perspective.

The structure of the press release itself is standardized with an opening paragraph, link to a relevant website, main body, and conclusion. A headline, summary, and boilerplate are also standard elements.

The press release’s opening paragraph should lead with the most important and interesting aspect of the development. The goal of this paragraph is to keep the reader’s attention after successfully gaining it through the headline and/or summary.

Once the main point of the press release is expressed in the opening, the reader can be directed to a website or page that is most relevant. In the case of a new website press release, a statement directing the reader to the website, followed by its URL would be most appropriate.

The main body of the press release can then report on all of the details related to the new website, including the reasons for its development, when it went live, and the features it will offer to visitors. The main body of the press release should also include one or two quotes from someone directly involved with the news, along with the name and role of the person who made the statement.

The press release should then end with a forward-looking conclusion that gives the reader a sense that a goal has been met but there will be more developments to come.

After the conclusion, the press release should end with a boilerplate, which is essentially a brief professional bio that lets readers know who is issuing the release, whether it’s a company or individual, and what they do.

A new website press release will also need a compelling headline that concisely explains the development. Since the headline must be as interesting but simple as possible, it’s best to save the additional context for the summary.

The summary should consist of no more than 45 words and simply summarize the most interesting and impactful parts of the development. The goal is to give readers an overview and generate their interest so they read the rest of the release, follow the prompt, and engage with your content.

Why Write A Press Release For A New Website

  • Drive traffic and get new visitors to engage with your website’s features
  • Make it easier for your ideal audience to find your brand
  • Capture the attention of people who are looking for the solutions and information you’re offering

Tips For Writing A New Website Press Release

  • Focus on what your website visitors can learn or gain from your content
  • Include the reasons why you wanted to build this website and how those goals have been met
  • Name the specific demographic or type of visitor who will find the website most interesting or helpful
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