How To Write A Sports Press Release

A sports press release is a great way to announce upcoming sporting events. You can also use these press releases to promote sports venues, indoor and outdoor arenas.

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To generate buzz and get people excited about upcoming sports events, you should distribute sports press releases a few weeks beforehand. Promoting an event as soon as possible allows readers to make sure they’re available to attend.

When announcing a sports event, keep the release short. Include the five W’s – who, what, where, why and when. Because most sports fans already know general information about a sport, you don’t have to provide too much background information about the sport to maintain their interest.

If your venue maintains a website URL that features an events calendar, you should include the URL in the press release. You can also include website URLs of sports teams and individual participants.

Press releases typically contain between 300 to 500 words. Maintaining a professional tone throughout will allow you to present the information concisely. Include a call to action at the end that prompts the reader to purchase tickets or view online event calendars.

Since most readers skim through press releases instead of reading every word, it’s best to include only the most pertinent information. Present this information at the beginning of the release for maximum effect.

Considered a primary source by journalists, press releases provide an effective way for sports venues and arenas to promote upcoming events as journalists and other local media influencers pay attention to short, well-written releases.

In addition, press releases provide an excellent way to promote annual and recurring events. When promoting recurring events, distribute a press release a few days prior to the event to encourage readers to attend.

What Should A Sports Press Release Say?

A sports release should include the venue or arena name, street address, website URL, box office phone number, event date and time, along with ticket purchasing information and pricing. Include the names of sports teams or individuals participating.

You can also include ticket refund policies, sports event rescheduling/postponement policies, patron/visitor policies and other information readers need to know about the venue.

If your venue charges varying amounts for seating, parking, etc., include the website URL where readers can easily find this information. Include website URLs that provide online payment information, ticket print out/pick up information, parking passes, food and drink information, etc.

Press releases should be used to promote one event at a time. If promoting multiple events, you will need to write a release for each event.

Depending on the event, you can provide details about sports teams and individuals participating. An ongoing rivalry between teams, a heartwarming comeback story or the rise of a young star athlete can help add interest to your press release.

If including a sports-related story within the release, add quotes from players, management staff and others with first-hand knowledge. To maintain interest, keep the story short, but include all the relevant details that readers will find intriguing.

Effective sports press releases promote upcoming events and the venue itself. Mention the food, the seating and other details that make the venue special.

If the venue offers seasonal tickets, VIP parking and other special incentives, mention this information in the release.

In addition to promoting specific sporting events, you can also use sports press releases to promote the venue itself. Provide background information about the venue’s history, past and current ownership, recent upgrades or renovations and other interesting information about its physical structure.

You can also craft press releases that help promote special sports packages, annual events and other perks that readers might want to know more about. Readers, especially local sports fans, typically want to take advantage of any special discounts offered to those attending sporting events.

When writing a sports press release, you should maintain a professional tone that’s also enthusiastic. However, you should avoid using hyperbole or making outlandish claims to entice readers. Instead, make the event sound fun and enjoyable for readers, their friends and families.

Creating A Sports Press Release

All press releases follow the same format – headline, summary, introduction, body and conclusion paragraphs, boilerplate or About Us paragraph. Journalists and other readers expect press releases to be written in this format.

Your headline should contain the name of the sports venue, date and time of the event and the sports teams or individuals participating. Create a catchy headline that encourages readers to continue reading through the release.

Write a two or three-sentence summary that contains all the relevant information readers need to know about the upcoming event.

The press release body should contain an introduction paragraph with three or four additional paragraphs filled with supporting details. If possible, include the five W’s in the summary and introduction paragraphs.

Use additional paragraphs to provide details about the event. Mention current records of teams or individuals, prior match-ups or background information about the participants.

You can also include information about the venue, its location and its history. You can also add quotes from venue owners, sports team management and staff or individual participants.

End the press release with a short conclusion that includes a call to action. Add a boilerplate or About Us section at the bottom that provides information about the venue or owners of sports teams, etc.

Make sure to carefully review the release before submitting it to journalists or uploading it to the venue’s website. Double-check to make sure the release is error-free and grammatically correct.

A poorly written release that contains lots of grammar and punctuation errors, incorrect dates and times will not receive much attention from busy journalists and readers.

Why Write A Sports Press Release?

  • Promote upcoming sporting events
  • Encourage readers to purchase tickets to upcoming events
  • Provide information about the sports venue

Tips For Writing A Sports Press Release

  • Maintain a professional tone throughout
  • Promote upcoming sporting events by including essential information and interesting supporting details
  • Carefully proofread the release before submitting
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