How To Write A Theatre Press Release

A theatre press release encourages readers to attend upcoming events by presenting relevant information in a casual, easy-to-read format. When crafting the release, you need to capture the reader’s attention immediately with a compelling headline so they read through the entire release.

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All effective press releases contain the five W’s – who, what, where, why and when. Present this information at the beginning of the release so readers see it immediately. Most readers skim through press releases looking specifically for this information and will appreciate not having to spend much time searching.

Because theatre press releases typically contain information about showtimes and upcoming events, distributing these releases a few weeks before a movie premier or opening date for a show allows readers to purchase tickets and mark their calendars.

In addition, readers can forward the release to their friends and family, which helps spread the word about upcoming events. To generate media buzz, announce upcoming shows and events as early as possible to influence local ticket sales.

If your theatre has numerous movies, plays, concerts or other shows to announce, craft separate releases for each event. You can add a website URL that features upcoming show dates for various events, but the release itself should only contain information about a specific movie, play or concert.

When writing a press release, consider the supporting details and how to present them to readers. Though short and to the point, effective press releases tell a compelling story that keeps readers interested.

Theatre press releases contain a call to action that encourage readers to purchase tickets immediately or a call to action that provides a date and time when readers will be able to purchase tickets.

Even though the goal is to compel readers to attend an upcoming event, the release shouldn’t be too salesy or aggressive. Highlight the event by providing all the relevant information, along with supporting details. You can mention how attending the event will enrich or benefit the reader’s life, but avoid melodrama or overly sentimental language.

What Should A Theatre Press Release Say?

Press releases are a fast, easy way to spread the word about upcoming movies, plays, concerts and other events hosted by local theatres.

When writing a press release for a theatre, you need to include the theatre name, street address, website URL, box office phone number and all relevant information about the event you’re announcing.

While it’s okay to mention a few tidbits about the theatre, such as its history, past and current ownership and other interesting details, the focus of the release should be the upcoming event.

Even though most press releases maintain a professional tone, it’s okay to adopt a more casual or playful tone for a theatre press release. Since the goal is to compel readers to purchase tickets, you’ll want to entice them by painting a picture of what they can expect when seeing a movie, play or concert at your theatre.

Use the press release to discuss the plot of a movie or play, provide background information about musical performers or describe an upcoming event your theatre is hosting. Try to give readers as much information as possible to encourage them to attend.

Because press releases are concise, you should provide the most important details and background information within the release and include website URLs of legitimate outside sources to give readers even more background information.

Add supporting details to help readers make their decision. Because readers have many entertainment options to choose from, you must include all the relevant information about the event so they will decide to spend time in your theatre.

Effective press releases include a call to action that prompts the reader to do something – buy tickets, make reservations, etc.

Creating A Theatre Press Release

Before writing a theatre press release, gather all the information you want to include. Gathering and organizing this information makes writing the release much easier and more fun.

In general, press releases contain between 300 and 500 words. Short and to the point, press releases highlight all the information readers need to know about a topic.

Because most readers will skim a release instead of reading every word, include the most relevant information in the summary and introduction paragraphs. Add supporting details throughout the press release to maintain interest and compel readers to take action.

All press releases must have a catchy headline that grabs the reader’s attention. Your headline should contain the name of the theatre, along with the announcement you’re making (upcoming show, benefit concert, famous performers, etc.).

In addition to a catchy headline, all press releases contain a two or three-sentence summary that provides essential information about the topic. Press releases feature three or four body paragraphs, a conclusion, a boilerplate or an About Us section.

Use the body paragraphs to provide additional details about upcoming shows, movie premiers, concerts, etc. When appropriate, you can add quotes from theatre owners, show producers and others involved in the upcoming event.

The conclusion paragraph should sum up the information and include a call to action. For a theatre press release, a call to action may include ticket purchasing options and website URLs readers can visit to review showtimes, upcoming concert or event information, theatre policies, etc.

Create a boilerplate or About Us section that provides information about the theatre, its owners or other information you want readers to know.

Since press releases are considered primary sources of information by journalists, you need to submit error-free and grammatically correct releases. Take the time to carefully proofread and double-check the information to ensure the release is ready for publication.

Why Write A Theatre Press Release?

  • Announce movie premiers, plays, concerts and other events
  • Encourage readers to purchase tickets to upcoming shows
  • Increase public awareness of the theatre

Tips For Writing A Theatre Press Release

  • Provide background information about movies, plays and concerts to create interest
  • Include a call to action that encourages readers to purchase tickets
  • Proofread the release to ensure it’s error-free before submitting
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