How To Write A Press Release For A Concert


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In general, press releases contain between 300 to 500 words. Short press releases that get right to the point typically attract more readers. Including the main points in the summary and introduction paragraphs allow readers to quickly find the information.

A primary source for journalists, press releases typically maintain a professional tone with a clearly stated purpose. However, you can adopt a more casual, fun tone when announcing concert or tour dates.

Since the goal is to compel readers to attend a concert, your press release should highlight the excitement and joy readers will feel when seeing their favorite band or performer in person. Mention a successful album or a popular song to give readers a point of reference if unfamiliar with a band or performer’s name.

Include the names of the opening acts, as this information may also compel readers to buy tickets. The release should also mention the venue and why it’s the perfect place to host the concert.

Use bold language that energizes readers but avoid hyperbole, as readers typically don’t respond well to exaggerated statements. Stick to the facts when promoting a band or a performer. Journalists and other readers can easily fact-check misleading or untrue statements online.

When possible, use direct quotes from performers, venue staff, production company executives and others involved in the concert. Readers enjoy an ‘insider’s look’ into how concerts are produced.

If the band/performer is famous, add a direct quote from at least one band member, as this will compel readers to read through the entire release.

Choose the right time to distribute your release. Coordinating with local media outlets to promote the concert by sponsoring contests and other events will take some time to arrange.

Also, readers may need time to buy tickets and make room in their schedules.

Announcing a concert too soon may cause readers to procrastinate when buying tickets. However, promoting a concert too late may not give readers enough time to purchase tickets.

What Should A Press Release For A Concert Say?

A press release for a concert should include the band/performer’s name, concert venue and street address, box office phone number and website URL, performance dates and times, names of special guests and opening acts.

Provide ticket-buying information such as where to buy tickets (at the venue, online, etc.), the date tickets go on sale, parking fees and refund policies. If the venue provides an online seating chart and tiered ticket pricing, include the website URL.

If promoting a concert for an up-and-coming band or performer, include information about current and past albums and recordings, television appearances, awards or recent participation in charitable events or multi-band tours.

Promoting a famous or well-known band or performer is a little easier because most readers already know who they are. When promoting well-known performers, focus on what they’re currently doing. Mention new songs and albums or future tour dates. You can also mention how long they’ve been performing and include a brief timeline of their musical successes.

Because press releases are relatively short, add URLs from reliable websites that feature information about the performers. Most readers enjoy learning as much as they can about their favorite bands and solo performers.

In addition to providing details about an upcoming concert, add two or three sentences about the venue. Mention how many concerts the venue hosts during the year, how long it has been operational, recent renovations or remodels, etc.

Your press release should promote the concert and the concert venue, as both will influence ticket sales. If the venue has box seats, an on-site restaurant, free parking or other unique perks, mention these perks to impress readers and compel them to attend the concert.

Creating A Press Release For A Concert

To gain maximum exposure for your press release, you need to craft the release using the traditional format: headline, summary, introduction, body and conclusion paragraphs, boilerplate or About Us section.

Journalists and other readers expect professionally written press releases to follow this format. Traditional press releases present all the relevant information in a logical sequence that’s easy to read.

Grabbing the reader’s attention is essential when promoting an upcoming event. Create a catchy headline that compels people to keep reading. Include the name of the band/performer, the concert venue, and the date and time of the event.

Underneath the headline, add a summary that includes the most important information in the release. Most summaries are typically two or three sentences in length.

Since many readers will only look at the headline and summary when reviewing press releases, include the most relevant information in these sections.

With so many press releases and other documents to review daily, journalists and others need a compelling reason to read through an entire release. Include an attention-grabbing headline and a succinct summary, and you will capture the attention of most readers.

Use the introduction and body paragraphs to provide supporting details about the concert, the performers or the venue. Keep these paragraphs short. Maintain reader interest by adding direct quotes from band members and other performers, venue staff, music reviewers and long-time fans.

End the release with a short conclusion. Include a call to action that prompts readers to buy tickets or visit the venue or performer websites. Below the conclusion, add a boilerplate or About Us section that includes information about the production company or concert venue sponsoring the event.

Proofread the release before submitting it to ensure that all the information is accurate. Journalists and others appreciate reading press releases free from grammar and punctuation errors.

Why Write A Press Release For A Concert?

  • Promote an upcoming concert to encourage ticket sales
  • Increase exposure of local concert venues
  • Let fans know when their favorite band/performer will perform

Tips For Writing A Press Release For A Concert

  • Maintain a fun, casual tone that provides all relevant information about the concert
  • Structure the press release in the traditional format
  • Use supporting details to entice readers to buy tickets
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