How To Write A Press Release For A Music Artist

Sending out press releases is the primary way that music artists get media attention. Editors and journalists who write about music and entertainment monitor press releases because they are always in search of something new or unique to tell their audiences.

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Before you can connect with the ultimate audience of people who might like your music, you must successfully communicate with the media. These professionals want to see short press releases that quickly explain your news.

A press release uses straightforward language to deliver facts, like where your show is and what genre of music you perform. Write it with an objective, third-person point of view centered on your news topic.

Because your press release is supposed to be news, your announcement will be about something that will happen soon or something that has just happened. For a music artist, newsworthy events are things like booking a venue, getting nominated for an award, or releasing an album.

Good topics for a musical artist’s press release can be signing a contract for a tour or collaborating with another artist. Charity concerts, reaching a big sales milestone, or touring overseas are other announcements worthy of press releases.

Investing time in courting the media gradually expands your reach in online and offline worlds. Your press release may receive search traffic on the internet even if it does not immediately gain media coverage.

If you continue to write press releases about your music, over time, the media may take notice. People like music, and editors keep their eyes open for human-interest stories about artists.

Someone outside the media, like a venue promoter or filmmaker, may also notice your press releases. You might build new business relationships as a result of writing a press release.

What Should A Press Release For A Music Artist Say?

Find the most interesting part of what you have to say. Is it a new album, being booked at a nice venue, or receiving an award?

Select a topic that gives journalists, influencers, and podcasters something fresh and exciting to tell their audiences. The edgy content of your song lyrics or growing fan base could give you an intriguing angle to enhance the appeal of your news announcement.

After describing the details of your primary news, add more information that helps people understand more about your music and your life as an artist. Use quotes from positive reviews or share your views about your creative philosophy.

A music artist often includes a statement about what you hope to accomplish with your music. Are you continuing a cultural tradition or trying to take a genre in a new direction? Do you have a new point of view to offer?

You’ll want to give some attention to why you make music. Write a statement about why you place music at the center of your life. Many readers will likely find this interesting because few people take the risk of pursuing a career in the arts.

You may find it effective to talk about your inspirations. If readers can relate to your motivations, they may become curious about your music.

Similarly, you could mention anyone who mentored you or gave you a big break. This would be especially valuable to discuss if your mentor is a famous artist or producer.

Although opinion and taste greatly influence music appreciation, your press release needs to focus on facts. Quotes from critics or fans can express opinions, but the rest of the content should stay anchored in facts, such as number of songs produced and years in the business.

Creating A Press Release For A Music Artist

A press release follows a standard format journalists use to write news articles. Everyone expects the content to answer basic questions about what, who, where, when, and why or how.

Go ahead and list these questions and write their answers. This way you won’t forget an important detail that leaves the readers of your press release confused.

The headline should communicate the who and the what. As an artist, you want your name or group’s name in the headline because you’re trying to build name recognition. Use a formula of who plus what in the headline so that people see your name next to a brief phrase describing your news.

Press releases need a short summary that goes between the headline and the actual article. The summary and your first paragraph will share some facts. Both segments are meant to communicate the most important piece of news and provoke curiosity to read more.

As a music artist, the first paragraph of your press release must include critical information. For example, if you’re announcing a tour, the first paragraph should state upcoming dates and locations. Music fans will want to know if this is a show they can attend.

After explaining the nuts and bolts of your news, add supporting information about your style, background, previous successes, and inspirations. Include your quotes and quotes from others who have something to say about your news.

Conclude the press release with a call to action that tells people what to do next. This could be how to buy tickets, download your music, or listen to your songs. At the end, provide contact information for the person who can speak to the media on your behalf.

Enhance your press release with multimedia files, including pictures, videos, and audio samples. A picture of you performing is usually best because media outlets like images full of action or emotion.

Why Write A Press Release For A Music Artist?

  • Let your fans know what you’re doing and connect with new people
  • Increase your chances of winning valuable media coverage
  • Increase ticket and download sales

Tips For Writing A Press Release For A Music Artist

  • Browse other music artist press releases to see what makes good ones stand out
  • Explain why you make your music and what your fans like about it
  • Include a call to action at the end
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