How To Write A Press Release For A Stage Play

Press releases include all the relevant information readers should know about the topic. Short and to the point, most press releases contain between 300 and 500 words.

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Considered a primary source by journalists, press releases must contain accurate and up-to-date information. Thanks to the internet, journalists and others can easily fact-check a press release for accuracy.

Before submitting a press release for distribution, carefully review the release to ensure that the performance dates, ticket prices, website URL links and other information presented is correct.

A press release for a stage play should include the five W’s – who, what, where, why and when. Readers will typically skim the release looking for this information.

In addition, maintain a professional tone throughout, as the press release is a public announcement seen by the media, those involved in the production and theatergoers.

Using a press release to announce an upcoming stage play at a local and regional theatre is a terrific way to generate excitement and encourage ticket sales. Many people still enjoy an evening at the theatre and look forward to discovering performances produced by local acting companies.

For maximum exposure, submit stage play press releases a few weeks before opening night. Giving plenty of notice before opening night allows theatergoers to make room in their schedules.

Also, announcing stage play performances as early as possible can influence early ticket sales, especially in areas with multiple theatres and other popular attractions.

What Should A Stage Play Press Release Say?

A stage play press release should include the name of the theatre, the play’s name, the writer and director’s names, the date and time of the opening night performance, along with the duration of the play’s run.

You can also include a list of the players’ names, especially if any of the players are famous, as this will attract interest and affect ticket sales.

Include ticket purchasing information such as where to purchase tickets, ticket pricing, how to find ticket availability dates, seating, parking fees, etc. If the theatre allows people to buy or reserve tickets online, select seating, etc., include the website URL in the release to prompt readers to purchase tickets immediately.

Within the release, provide a summary of the play’s plot and background history. If the play is well-known, mention the first time it was performed and why it’s still performed today.

If the play inspired the making of a popular movie, make sure to mention this detail. Readers might not know that a movie they enjoyed was based on the play – this could prompt them to go see it.

For brand-new productions or lesser-known plays, provide enough information for readers to consider buying tickets. Because you’re working with a limited word count when creating a press release, add website URLs from reputable sources that can provide additional details about the play and its history.

Keep in mind that the goal of the release is to encourage readers to buy tickets as soon as possible. Supporting details about the production, quotes from the players and production staff or fun facts about the theatre will help generate interest in the production.

Add a call to action at the end of the release that reiterates how readers can purchase tickets. Encourage readers to buy tickets as soon as possible so they can get the best seats on the most convenient dates to suit their schedules.

Creating A Stage Play Press Release

Before writing a press release for a stage play, you should gather all the information you will need to ensure the details you present are accurate.

If adding quotes, historical facts about the theatre, facts about the play, the writer, director or the players, rely only on reputable sources and try to use direct quotes as often as possible.

All press releases follow the same format – headline, summary, introduction, body and conclusion paragraphs, boilerplate or About Us section. Follow this format to ensure that journalists and other readers take the time to review your release.

Because journalists, newspaper editors, blog masters and others read through many releases daily, capturing their attention requires a bold headline that tells them exactly what the release is about.

When crafting a headline, include the name of the play, the name of the theatre and the opening night date and time.

Underneath the headline, add a two or three-sentence summary to highlight the main points of the release.

Placing the most relevant information in the headline, summary and introduction paragraphs ensures the information will be read and understood by most readers. To keep readers interested, add supporting details about the play, the theatre, the writer or the players throughout the release.

The body of a press release typically contains three or four short paragraphs that expand on the information presented at the beginning. Here you can add direct quotes, provide background information, provide ticket purchasing details and other items readers may be interested in learning.

Use the conclusion to wrap up the release. Add a call to action that prompts readers to visit the theatre’s website to purchase tickets, review performance dates and seating, etc.

Create a boilerplate or About Us section that provides information about the production or the theatre. Mention the owners of the production company, theater owners, financial assistance received from investors or longtime theatre patrons or other information you want readers to know.

Always proofread your release before submitting it to ensure that the document is factual and error-free. A well-written press release will receive more attention from journalists and others than a poorly written release.

Why Write A Stage Play Press Release?

  • Announce the opening night date and time for an upcoming stage play
  • Encourage advance ticket sales
  • Promote the theatre to the general public

Tips For Writing A Stage Play Press Release

  • Include all relevant information about the play, writer, director, players and the theatre
  • Use direct quotes from players, especially if they are famous
  • Add website URLs from reputable sources to provide more information about the play
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