How To Write A Press Release For A TV Show

Press releases serve as announcements for businesses and companies that want to share important information with journalists and the general public.

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Most releases contain between 300 to 500 words, which means you have limited space to convey your message.

Creating a press release for a TV show can help encourage viewership.

For new TV shows, building an audience base requires consistent media attention. Maintaining audience engagement for established TV shows requires constantly reminding people that these shows are worth watching.

Generating and maintaining audience interest in a television show requires you to craft press releases that provide relevant information about the show in a captivating way. While most press releases have a professional, academic tone, press releases for TV shows can be more personable and creative.

The focus of press releases for TV shows should be the show’s plot, along with information about the writers and the players who make the show come alive. Use the five W’s – who, what, where, why and when to provide compelling details about the show.

However, when writing about a show’s plot, you should be careful not to reveal too much, as some readers probably haven’t seen the show yet. You can provide a general summary of the characters and their lives, but avoid giving away plot twists or surprise endings as sharing too much information could anger or frustrate readers.

Add supporting details about the show’s production history, the network or how the show has evolved. Readers enjoy learning how TV shows operate behind the scenes. Provide a call to action that prompts readers to tune in and watch the show.

What Should A TV Show Press Release Say?

A TV show press release should include the name of the show, the network that hosts it and the scheduled day and time that readers can watch it. Also, mention any famous players on the show to generate interest.

If the show is a spin-off of another popular show or a reboot of an older show, mention these details. Readers may fondly remember these TV shows from the past, which could compel them to tune in to watch the show you’re currently promoting. TV shows based on books, plays and movies typically have an audience base that needs very little nudging to compel them to watch.

Because traditional television networks, cable networks and streaming services all provide original programming to viewers, you need to include all ways readers can watch the show. Include original airdates, along with streaming options.

Since you only have 300 to 500 words to compel readers to watch a TV show, include website URLs that provide additional information about the show. Add URLs from reputable websites such as network websites, streaming or official fan websites.

Providing a brief synopsis of the show’s plot without giving too much away can compel readers to watch the show. Because of the many options available to readers when it comes to watching TV, you need to make the case that it’s worth watching this particular show.

Whether you’re crafting a release for an established show or a brand-new one, the goal is to entice readers to watch and continue to watch for show’s duration.

If the TV show has an interesting history or backstory, has overcome any controversy or has tackled important societal events by including them on the show, you should mention these details.

Readers want to feel connected to the shows they watch on television. Providing a few insider details with direct quotes from those involved will make readers feel like they’re part of something special.

Creating A TV Show Press Release

All press releases must contain a headline, summary, introduction, body and conclusion paragraphs, boilerplate or About Us section. Failure to follow this format may result in limited readership as journalists and others are accustomed to reading releases with a traditional structure.

A primary source for journalists, press releases provide the most relevant, accurate information about a topic. Before writing a press release for a TV show, gather all the information about the show, direct quotes, plot points and other details you want to add. Gathering this information beforehand allows you to verify the details to ensure accuracy.

Start by writing a catchy headline that grabs the reader’s attention. Because journalists and others read many press releases daily, a bold headline that clearly states the nature of the release will attract more attention than a bland, vague headline.

Include the name of the TV show and the scheduled day and time the show airs. You can also include the network or production company name if applicable.

Craft a two or three-sentence summary that features all the main points within the release. Many readers tend to skim through releases instead of reading every word. Presenting the most important information at the beginning helps readers easily find it.

The press release body includes an introduction paragraph followed by three or four short paragraphs that contain supporting details. Use the body to entice and encourage readers to watch the TV show by providing a plot or character summary, direct quotes from those involved in the production, network executives, etc.

Reiterate why readers should consider watching the TV show in the conclusion paragraph. Add a boilerplate or About Us section that mentions the production company, network ownership and other information you want readers to know about who is responsible for producing the show.

Carefully proofread your press release before submitting as poorly written releases with glaring grammar and punctuation mistakes will fail to impress readers.

Why Write A TV Show Press Release?

  • Promote the TV show to the general public
  • Inform the public about the show’s plot
  • Encourage people to watch the TV show

Tips For Writing A TV Show Press Release

  • Provide basic information about the show’s plot but don’t give too much away
  • Use descriptive language when discussing the show to entice readers to watch
  • Proofread the release to ensure proper grammar and punctuation
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