At MAGODA, we take pride in creating a fair refund policy that works for everyone - you, our team, and the company. We firmly believe that this policy will ensure a positive experience for all involved. Thank you for taking the time to understand our policy.

During Development:
Once the questionnaire has been filled out and submitted, our service activates an intense series of processes that unfortunately cannot be reversed - meaning no refunds can be issued.

During Distribution:
You will be provided with a comprehensive report on the distribution of your press release. This report comes with clickable links to every site where your press release has been published, ensuring you have a full overview of its reach. If you're not satisfied with the reach of your press release - don't worry! We guarantee that your press release will be distributed to a minimum of 500 websites/endpoints - and if we don't meet this requirement, you may receive a full refund, no questions asked.

For a refund request, please go here.

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