Many Jobs For STEM-Educated Workers But Lifelong Learning A Must

People with STEM educations can expect strong career opportunities and above average pay. According to the resume builder site ResumeLab, STEM jobs greatly outnumber qualified applicants. As a result, employers value workers with STEM credentials and pay them more. The STEM worker shortage appears likely to persist. A survey of U.S. high school seniors revealed that only 16 percent wanted a STEM career. Although landing a STEM job should be easy for people with the right skills, they should expect to always be learning on the job.

Rapid Advances Require On-The-Job Training

By their very nature, most STEM careers involve engagement with emerging technologies. At Intuitive Research & Technology in Huntsville, Alabama, company leaders recognize that STEM workers will always need new certifications. At the moment, the company has been training workers how to use cloud engineering.

Keeping skilled workers around represents another primary goal at the company. Intuitive cultivates talent through internships, mentorships, and summer programs for students. One of the founders of the company said that workers do not necessarily need a four-year degree to get the best STEM jobs. What they needed most was a strong grasp of mathematics and a willingness to embrace lifelong learning.

Internships Connect People With Jobs They Never Knew Existed

Elgin Community College near Chicago, Illinois, connects students with internships whenever possible. The story of one student attending the community college for an associate degree in engineering science illustrates how STEM students can discover unexpected career opportunities. When the engineering student noticed the GIS internship at the city of Elgin, he wondered what “GIS” was.

Image description: The Robotics Club at Cañada College is popular with science and math majors. Credit: Hoodr

GIS stands for geographic information systems, and the student worked as the city’s GIS intern for four years while continuing to go to college. He later got hired as a full-time GIS specialist by the city because he could adapt his engineering knowledge to a job he may never have heard of without the internship.

Have you had success with internships at your organization as a tool for cultivating skilled employees? Comment with your experience.

ABOUT Intuitive Research and Technology Corporation

Intuitive Research and Technology Corporation (INTUITIVE®) was co-founded by A.R. “Rey” Almodóvar and Harold R. Brewer in June 1999 with the vision of building a performance driven engineering services and support organization based on extensive experience and team collaboration.  The company was built on a foundation of ethical principles and values that still radiate throughout the company today.  As an award winning aerospace engineering and analysis firm, INTUITIVE provides sound technical solutions and program management assisting customers throughout all phases of a product’s life cycle.

INTUITIVE provides quality services in production support, systems engineering, programmatic support, product development, rapid prototyping, and technology management to clients across the United States. In order to work closely with our clients, we have several office locations throughout the country.

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ABOUT Elgin Community College

Since its founding in a wing of Elgin High School on January 10, 1949, Elgin Community College has grown into a nationally recognized institution that offers over 130 degree and certificate options featuring dozens of transfer agreements with top four-year institutions, as well as career and technical programs to prepare students for immediate employment in rewarding careers. ECC’s 145-acre Spartan Drive Campus features smart classrooms; facilities and equipment that mirror what is in use in the workforce; a vibrant and engaging campus experience; and support services that help students succeed.

The Burlington-based, 120-acre Elgin Community College Center for Emergency Services features classrooms, a three-story burn tower, training bays and a dive pond to train current and future first responders.

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