STEM Careers

STEM careers are those that require science, technology, engineering, and mathematics skills. They include a broad range of professions across all sectors. Qualified STEM candidates have ample job opportunities in the United States, where professionals with science, math, and engineering qualifications are in high demand in academic, industrial, commercial, medical, and government positions.


Highest Paying STEM Jobs

The most lucrative STEM jobs that also offer the greatest job security, as of 2021, are petroleum engineer, IT manager, actuary, software developer, mathematician, computer and information research scientist, computer network architect, and aerospace engineer. All of these positions offer a median annual salary over $100,000 and some only require a bachelor’s degree. There are many other high-paying STEM jobs that offer substantial starting and median salaries and are also expected to grow in demand over the next few years.

Some of the best STEM jobs are those that are based in technology and computer systems, alternative and carbon-neutral energy, and healthcare. These are jobs that offer excellent starting pay and job security for qualified applicants.

Best STEM Degrees

There is a big push for education in STEM across many academic and vocational training institutions. Students are learning the value of developing and growing strengths in science, math, technology, and engineering. In higher education, these disciplines are applied to many different majors and degrees.

The best STEM degrees will vary as STEM careers fluctuate in demand. To choose the best STEM major, it will be useful to look at jobs that offer some of the highest income but are also in industries and markets that are projected to grow.

Some of the most promising STEM degrees in the current job market are those with a focus on engineering. Computer, aerospace, nuclear, petroleum, chemical, electrical, biomedical, marine, mechanical, civil, and agricultural engineering majors offer some of the greatest prospects for stable and high-paying careers. Actuarial science, accounting, mathematics and statistics are also promising majors.

Earning a graduate or undergraduate STEM degree is an excellent step for steady and high-paying jobs, but it’s not the only means of entering a STEM field. Vocational and job training programs can also open doors to careers that are expected to offer growth and opportunities well into the future.

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