Will This Record-Breaking Professional Draw More People To STEM Careers?

All across the country, STEM-related positions remain unfilled due to a shortage of qualified applicants. Lack of access for many students and career-seekers remains a common obstacle that prevents many people from joining science, technology, engineering programs, and mathematics fields. For others, the problem can be as simple as a lack of confidence in one’s ability to excel in challenging and impactful professions.


Breaking Records To Encourage STEM Success

When Idaho resident and MIT-graduate David Rush found that STEM-related roles remained unfilled at the startup where he works, he was inspired to take on new challenges. His hope was that his record-breaking journey would encourage others to overcome their own STEM-related self-doubt. Now, with more than 200 Guinness World Records broken since 2015, Rush is continuing to promote the value of practice, endurance, and skill-building to succeed at intimidating challenges.

The records that Rush has attempted and broken include a variety of juggling-based feats, such as juggling blindfolded, juggling knives, and running the world’s fastest mile while juggling, as well as slicing kiwifruit in midair with a sword while balancing on a Swiss ball, speed wrapping plastic wrap, drinking lemon juice, and stacking rolls of toilet paper. Although many of his feats are not STEM-related on the surface, they all require a great deal of practice, careful evaluation of technique and external factors, and a lot of perseverance in the face of unsuccessful attempts.

Breaking The Try-Fail-Give Up Mindset

According to Rush, choosing not to give up in the face of failure is one of the most decisive factors in pursuing a goal, and breaking the try-fail-give-up mindset is essential in helping more students discover their abilities. “One of the most important things you need to understand is that when you fail when you first try it, that is not a judgement on you or your ability or your natural talent, or your ability to succeed in the future.”

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