3D printing in the automotive industry has mostly been limited to prototyping and experimental projects. The technology has shown considerable potential for the industry and its innovators—even leading to the world’s first 3D printed car in 2014.

Even with the advent of printable metals and other heavier industrial materials, 3D printing is not yet a standard part of the production line in consumer automotive manufacturing. There are some companies that are trying to change all that.

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3D Printed Metal Merges With A Patented Manufacturing Platform

Divergent 3D, a technology development and licensing company and 3D printing based manufacturing platform creator, and SLM Solutions Group, a 3D metal printing equipment designer, have entered into a strategic development partnership.

Through this venture, the two companies aim to alter the way vehicle structures and parts are brought to the market. Their objective is hinged on their additive manufacturing technologies, experiences and capabilities.

Additive Manufacturing Of Lighter, Stronger Automotive Parts

The partnership will be focused on the development of hardware and software specifically designed for cost-effective, high-volume vehicle production that’s scaled from the Divergent Manufacturing Platform. Directly contributing to this objective is SLM Solutions’ experience in metal 3D printed parts production using selective laser melting systems.

Developing a cost-effective way to accelerate the production of car parts could be a major game changer for the automotive industry—particularly as the sector aims to incorporate more lightweight, structurally reliable, fuel efficient parts into many new models.

Image courtesy of Divergent 3D

Image Source: engineering.com

A New Standard In Parts Production And Automotive Design?
As additive manufacturing lends itself well to these attributes, this partnership, and any resulting manufacturing developments, could have a big impact on the way car parts are built and automotive structures are designed in the very near future.

Will this additive manufacturing venture be the start of a new standard in automotive parts production?

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